Top Gold IRA Companies

Top gold IRA companies

Investing in your retirement is an issue you should treat with great care. Any mistake you will make, you will regret for a long period of time. There are many ways you can invest your money. We recommend opening a gold backed IRA account due to many reasons. For instance, the first two options will be subject to taxes. This will reduce your overall savings. Opening a gold IRA account or converting your ordinary IRA account to precious metals, you will save a lot of money in the process. The gold backed IRA will be a safe haven for your money. There is no day you will feel the negative impacts of inflation. Since time immemorial, gold has always appreciated in value. We came up with a list of Top 10 gold IRA companies so that you will easily decide on the best.

Top 10 gold IRA companies

Top 10 gold IRA companies

  1. Regal Assets

The company has high quality precious metals selection. It has served customers diligently over a decade and it is open to receive new investors. It complies with all IRS regulations. There are many incentives at the company which will make it easy for you to save money. For example, you will be offered free storage of your precious metals for the first year of your investment. If you will buy gold or other precious metals at the company and after some time you will like to sell them, the company will buy them from you at a market value. The delivery of metals to the company is performed in less than 7 days. This is among the shortest duration in the industry. The company has highly qualified staff who will manage your assets well. The buying process is always straight forward.

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APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) is among the biggest gold IRA companies. It has headquarters in Oklahoma City. It has great customer services as well as offering a wide range of precious metals where you can invest as a way of diversifying your portfolio. The company offers useful information about gold markets. You will receive updates on the current market of precious metals on a regular basis. Among the downsides which you will incur is late delivery of precious metals to your account.

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  1. Birch Gold Group

The company was founded in 2003. It is located in Burbank, California. It sells a variety of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, silver and gold. The company has friendly staff who can guide you in your process of opening a gold IRA account. It offers useful information for customers to make informed decisions when investing in gold.

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4. Broad Financial

The company was started in Monsey, New York in 2004. It focuses on offering 401(K) and self-directed gold IRA accounts. It was originally a real estate company but it has evolved to offer a wide range of gold IRA services. It has good ratings on gold IRA company review sites. The company has some drawbacks such as some customers complaining about the billing and advertisement tactics used by the staff.

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5. Bullion Direct

The company is based in Austin Texas. The company was once among top companies in gold IRA investing. But, it once fell out of favor and it ended up filling for chapter 11 bankruptcy. In order to avoid cases where you will end up investing in a company which will end up bankrupt, which can expose you to unnecessary stress, you should carry out enough background checks about a given company before you open your gold IRA account.

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6. Rosland Capital

The precious metals trading company is located in Santa Monica. The company has been operating in California since 2008. It deals with gold silver, diamonds and platinum. With just $1,500 you can open an account at Rosland capital. The company arranges for IRAs opening and storage of metals. You will have the metals delivered to your account in less than 10 days. It is among top choices for those who will like to invest small amounts in precious metals. The company has been criticized of selling gold which does not meet IRS standards. You will only be allowed to invest up to a maximum of $10,000 at the company.

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7. Heritage Gold Group

The company was formed in 2006. It is located in woodland hills California. It provides investors with gold and 401(k) accounts. It portrays great level of professionalism and knowledge in handling precious metals. Its website is packed with useful information for investors to make the right decision. The company is a subsidiary of Goldco Direct. It has good reviews from gold IRA company reviews which have been offered by satisfied customers.

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8. JM Bullion

The company offers gold IRA services beyond gold and silver. It offers other metals such as copper and platinum. If you are an investor who values a diverse portfolio, then the company will serve you well. Apart from broad metals selection available at the company, it also offers IRA set up and storage services. You can as well receive free insurance and shipping on orders. Some of the complaints from gold IRA reviews offered by customers include poor packing, low quality customer service and slow delivery process.

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9. Merit Gold

The company was originally referred to as Seacoast coin. It is among the earliest gold IRA companies. It was first established in 1986. The founder was Peter Epstein. Merit gold specializes in buying and selling precious metals. It also deals with gold IRA services. It has served more than 250,000 customers since its launch. The company has good reviews in serving customers, but there are few complaints about deceiving advertisements at the company. For example, the case of a lawsuit filed by the city of Santa Monica which alleged that it drew in customers only to convince them to buy low quality products.

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10.Provident Metals

The company is among top rated gold IRA companies. Since its launch in 2009, Provident Metals have continued to offer good services to its customers. The company has good reviews with few drawbacks. For example customers complain of late delivery of the metals.

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Questions You Need To Ask Before You Decide To Rollover Your Traditional IRA into Gold IRA

  1. How long will it take for the process to be complete?

Different companies available will have different delivery periods. There are others which will deliver within a short period of time while others will take a lot of time before they can deliver the precious metals. In order to avoid confusion, you should ask for a definite period of time before you decide to rollover your IRA into gold backed IRA.

  1. What are the fees charged for the rollover?

There are some fees you will be require to pay. You may be required to incur administration fees among others. It is upon you to ask before you decide to open an account in a given company. The right company for you to consider should charge you at fair rates. You can compare different companies available before you decide on one.

  1. How are customers treated at the company?

There are some companies which have excellent customer services while others will not treat you the way you deserve. Always take your time and check on what other people are saying about the company. You will access useful information from customer reviews which will be offered online.

  1. Does the company have court cases?

There are some companies which have been sued due to mishandling retirement funds. You should be careful of such companies because they can easily lead you into troubles. The best way for you to go about it is to carry out enough background checks so that you will know whether a given company which you are about to contact has good reputation in offering quality services.  Quick checks on third party websites such as Better Business Bureau will enable you know whether the company has any court case.

  1. Is the company approved to offer gold IRA services?

For any company to handle gold IRA accounts, it has to be approved by the federal government. You should take your time and check whether the company meets all the regulations put in place. This is necessary for you to avoid incidences where you will go for a company which you will regret later. You can call the company and talk to the representatives.

  1. Do they have qualified financial advisers?

You will have to call the company and ask necessary questions before you invest. In order to avoid incidences where you will be misled, you should check whether the representatives who will respond to your call have any financial backgrounds. Remember it is always necessary for you to go for companies which will enable you make the right decisions.

  1. Does the company respond fast to questions raised by customers?

A gold IRA company which will respond fast to questions asked by customers will be in a better position of serving you well. You can check out testimonies which other people have offered for you to know whether the company offers quick response to questions raised by customers.