Rosland Capital Review

Rosland capital review

Rosland capital review

From trust link Rosland capital review you will discover the company has been rated 3 stars out of the possible 5 stars. There are a total of 8 Business Alliance Consumer complaints that have been filed by customers so far. In BBB the company has a total of 6 complaints. IRA transfer process in the company takes a total of 14 business days. IRA rollover transfer process will take between 14 and 30 days. Metal delivery into an account takes between 5 to 10 days. Annual admission fees is $225 and the set up fees is just $50. Equity institutional is their preferred custodian. The minimum amount you can invest in the company is $10,000. Delaware depository is the preferred depository.

Rosland Capital Overview

Rosland Capital was founded in 2008. The regression motivated the move in the period. It is a newcomer in the field of precious metals investing but has some value to add. The CEO, Marin Alexsov has more than 20 years of experience in the field. His vast experience makes him run the company well.

Santa Monica California is the headwaters of the company. Several celebrities have endorsed the company. They include Bill O Reilly and G. Gordon Liddy. Others include Rosland Capital commercial actor William Dyane who has appeared in several marketing videos for the enterprise. The company has extensive exposure on TV shows and radio stations throughout the United States.

My Rosland capital review

Rosland capital was founded in the year 2008. Although the company is new in the precious metals industry, it offers great services. It is located in Santa Monica in California. At Rosland capital you will receive a lot of information which you can rely to make informed decisions on how to manage your retirement savings. You will access, precious metals, IRA services and gold coins for you to invest in. You can decide to log into their website where you can sign up for a free newsletter for you to receive quarterly information on the market trends of precious metals.

Rosland capital review by customers

Some customers have expressed some level of dissatisfaction on the quality of services that they were offered. When dealing with serious matters such as investing your lifetime savings, you should look for a company that will assure you the best services. Other people may be complaining now, but what about the next time, you may be the next victim. The company has honest professionals whom you can rely on while making your decision. Complains will always be there, but the company is above average when it comes to gold and other precious metals investments.

Services offered by Rosland Capital

Gold and precious metals

The company maintains that in the event of paper currency uncertainties, gold Rosland Capital silver bars, and valuable metals stand a better chance of maintaining value. Comparing precious metals and paper currency, you will find gold stand a better chance of storing value.

Gold IRAs

For those looking for gold IRA services, the company is known to offer quality services. They have gold and other precious metals which you can add to your investment portfolio. It has an extensive collection of metals which fit in the numismatic collectibles. You can access gold bars, gold coins among others to choose from. If you are looking to preserve your value, you need to check on the IRA options available at the company.

Rosland Capital review on third party websites

BBB: A+, Based on 18 complaints

BCA: AAA, based on 3 complaints

Yelp: 1 star (1/5) based on 1 review

TrustLink: 4 stars (4/5) based on 64 reviews

Ripoff Report: 6 complaints

The above reviews are based on the past 3 years

Official Address of Rosland Capital

Phone: 1-888-994-2449

11766 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1200 Los Angeles, CA 90025


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Rosland Capital IRA Fees structure

Initial Setup Fees of $50

Annual Admin Fees of up to $225

Annual Storage Fees is Not Disclosed

Minimum Purchase Amount allowed is $10,000

Pros of investing with Rosland Capital

Excellent delivery time

The metal delivery in Rosland Capital takes ten days. Some customers have even approached receiving their metals in less than 10 days which the company promised. Most clients prefer receiving their precious metals within a short period, the ability of the business to deliver makes many customers vote it highly.

Expert economist on staff at Rosland Capital

The company has several endorsements from celebrities. It has also economists on their staffs who advise them to take the right path when handling finances. Jeffrey Nicholas is a well-known economist who plays a great role in helping the company makes the right decisions. The economist also acts as a writer of the company’s official newsletter. You will access the right information you need to make the right investment. From the expert advice, Nicholas advocates for between 10 and 15% of an investment to be held in physical gold as a way of diversifying and stay prove to inflation.

Cons of investing with Rosland Capital

Although the company has many benefits associated with investing in them, there are also drawbacks you need to check out so that you will make the right decision. Common drawbacks which prevent the company from being rated number one in the market according to many investors include the following:

Dishonest agents at Rosland Capital

From customer reviews, you will discover there are many angry customers due to dishonest agents. It is always necessary for you to look for a company which will allow you make the right decision. Agents should be there to advise you make a decision. They should explain all pros and cons from where you will assess them and make your personal decision. Remember when investing in gold IRA or buying precious metals, you need to make an informed decision because it involves your life long investment. Several customers complain of being exposed to high commission rates and deceptive sales tactics.

High number of complaints

Both Business consumer alliance and better business bureau record a higher number of complaints when compared to other gold IRA companies. Some of the complaints filed include false advertising. False advertisement can lead you to make the wrong decision; hence you should be careful. Slow shipping is also another complaint filed by many customers. Some costumers even complain of being charged for metals which are way beyond the market value.

Shared storage at Rosland Capital

The company offers shared storage. If you invest in the company by opening a gold IRA, your precious metals will be stored in storage where they will come into contact with other investor’s precious metals. Other companies offer isolated storage for those who will opt for such options.