Regal Assets Facts

Regal Assets Facts You Should Know

Regal assets is a company that is well-known in helping people buy and sell precious metals. From regal assets you will also achieve in setting up a gold backed IRA account. You can carry out all the transactions with regal assets online, but you can also visit their offices in London, Waco TX, Los Angeles and Burbank. According to the Inc. magazine the company is rated number 20 among the fastest growing campaniles in the United States. Among the factors that attract potential gold investors to the company include zero set up fees for gold IRA accounts and guarantee buy back at the spot price of gold.

Regal assets facts

Regal assets relationship with IRA Custodians

The company has an outstanding relationships with its custodians which enables it offer extremely low rates for the running of gold IRA accounts held with them. This has made the company among the popular for those who will like to access a company where they will save on money while running their gold IRA accounts.

Benefits of Choosing Regal Assets as Your Gold Ira Company

1.Excellent customer services

With Regal Assets, you will never be stranded even if you have never opened an IRA account. The client’s support is very effective where they will offer you help in all stages of setting up your account. Before you invest in any company, you should check on customer services. All financial advisors available at Regal Assets know what they are doing. They are quick to respond to your contact and provide you with the necessary information you need to make a decision. There are no pushy sales people like the case of other companies. Most customers who invent with Regal Assets are highly satisfied due to quality services the company offers.

2. Wide variety of services

You will be allowed to choose from several services that suit you. There is a wide range of metals from their catalog for you to have in your investment portfolio. A wise investor should always diversify his assets. Regal Assets offers you the right opportunity to have the most diverse assets so that you will never regret if inflation will develop.

3. Fast delivery of the purchased metals

You will not have to wait for too long before the metals can be delivered to your IRA account. The company also allows low commission rates hence making you enjoy great profits. There are also no cases of frauds that have been reported with the company. If they fail to deliver precious metals in your gold IRA account, they will even offer you a compensation of a free gold coin. Regal Assets makes it easy for you to rollover your funds or open a gold IRA account without having to travel long distances. With your internet enabled device, you can always open an account.

4. Great reviews

All third party websites and individuals who have done business with the company rate them highly. Regal Assets is rated the best company in America in offering gold IRA services. They are fully accredited to offer the IRA services. If you have never set up a gold IRA account, they have professionals who will guide you through the process for you to be assured of quality services. No Regal Assets lawsuits are arriving from customer complaints so far.

5. Lowest IRA fees

The company charges a flat rate of $250 per year on account administration. It is the cheapest Gold IRA Company. The services are of the highest quality. They most market through regal assets affiliate program where they pay a commission to third parties bloggers to spread the good news.

6. Knowledgeable employees

Some employees can just push you around so that you can sign their papers and they are gone. With Regal Assets, you will have freedom to sign up for an investment kit online from where you will get all details on how gold IRA works. If you like to get more clarification, you can call their representatives such as regal assets Rush Limbaugh who used to advertise their services.

7. Fully accredited

Since regal assets Tyler Gallagher come into business in 2003, the company has been fully accredited to offer the precious metals investment services. You will get all the services which they offer after you sign up and go for the Regal Assets login. The login is very secure for you always to protect your investment.

8. Buyback program

When buying gold and other precious metals to have in your gold IRA portfolio, you should as well check on the place where you will sell the precious metals if you like to access the funds after retirement. With Regal Assets, you can just fill out a form, and they will buy your precious metals. The transactions are always secure and safe for you to carry out online.

9. The Free Gold Investment Kit

The free investment kit from Regal Assets offers you all the information you need to make the right decision. Few online steps and you will access the kit.

Cons of Regal Assets

Minimum investment is $5,000

Offers third party storage

Regal Assets contact Information:


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST

Location: Burbank, CA, USA

Featured On: Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Forbes, SmartMoney

Regal Assets Ratings:

Better Business Bureau: A+ (0 complaints)

Business Consumer Alliance: AAA (0 complaints)

TrustLink: 4.9/5 Stars (855 reviews)

Google+: 5/5 Stars (3 Reviews) 5/5 Stars (12 Reviews)

(The ratings are based in the last three years)

Pros of Opening a Gold IRA Account in Regal Assets

  1. They have better ratings than most other Gold IRA companies
  2. Comprehensive retirement investment products
  3. $0 Rollover Transfer Fee.
  4. Accredited 3rd Party offshore storage options.
  5. Guaranteed 7 Day Shipping.
  6. Easy, fast and secure online setup of your account.
  7. Flat fee of $250 / year

 First Year offered Free!

  • Credibility of regal assets

A+ rating on BBB listings

A-Rating from trust links with over 499 customers rating the company

Business Consumer Alliance rates the company at AAA ranting.

The company was featured in the Forbes magazine among the top financial companies in the USA.

  • Customer Service

Regal assets  has competent professionals who ensure customers are well-informed before they are asked to purchase their services. After you visit the company you will receive a free investment kit which will enable you access DVDs, magazine and pamphlets which will offer you enough information for you to invest in precious metals after you have been fully informed.