Provident Trust Group Review

Provident trust review

Provident trust review

Provident trust review is the first document you need to check while trying to invest in gold IRA. The set up fees of an account in Provident trust is $75. The annual admission fees is $ 150. The preferred custodian is self-directed IRA services. Delaware depository is the preferred depository at provident trust. In case you are interested in setting up an account at the company, then you will have to make physical application for your application to be accepted.

Provident trust review

The company was opened in 2003 with the main aim of helping IRA account holders to open new businesses. In 2006 the company expanded its business to cover a wide variety of services. In 2009 it stopped business for a short while. During this season it was carrying out reviews to ensure that the business that it was running was in complaint with the IRS rules. The company is among the best in offering retirement investing services.

The company offers a lot of useful information to potential investors so that they are able to make the best decisions when investing. The company has good reputation in offering outstanding services when it comes to retirement investments.

Provident trust review from costumers

Customers tend to complain about the user interface of the website of the company. There are many complaints about the billing process, in some case customers complain of having their billing information wrong when accessing services from the company. Some customers even complain of having difficulties to access their 401(k) accounts while doing business with the company. Although the company had issues with the way it was running IRS services in 2009, the issues have been fully settled. It is upon you as an investor to check whether there are any other issue with the company before you invest. Most customers are reluctant in doing business with the company due to the fear of the recurrent of the incidences just like the case of 2009.

Provident Trust Group overview

Just Like any other gold IRA company, Provident Trust Group has a secure website where you can carry out a transaction online. The Provident Trust Group login is very secure for you to login and carry out your financial transactions. The company has been in business for quite some time, and there is no major provident trust group lawsuit which has been filed so far. There was a time when the company was doing poorly, but they put strategies in place, and less than two years they made it possible for the company to rise into profitability. The Provident Trust Group life settlements are documented on Better Business Bureau website.

Provident Trust ratings Reviews and Testimonials

Better Business Bureau

The company has a current rating of A

Accreditation was done on 9/05/2012

There are 7 Filed Complaints 7 so far

Profile on Better Business Bureau:

Yelp provident trust group reviews

Current Rating stands at 5 stars

Number of clients filing reviews: 1

Profile of provident trust group:

Provident Trust Products and Services

The company offers several services to its customers. Some of the services which you can access from the company include the following:

Self-directed IRA’s

You can sign up Provident trust group forms and access the gold IRA services which they offer. The company complies with all IRA regulations. It is among the best company serving people in Las Vegas. The company despite lawsuits, it has been in business, and most of its customers are highly satisfied. They use different marketing approaches to reach their clients. If you live in Las Vegas and you will like to invest in a local company, you can count on the company for you to be assured of great success in managing your gold IRA.

Solo 401k

Some individuals in self-employment will like to save for their retirement; you can apply for the Solo 401k at the company. They have fair terms of operation which makes it easy for Americans who will like to set up Solo 401k have the account in place within a short period of time.


If you prefer a Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement, you can as well access the services from the company. The company has turned to diversity on the services which they offer making it possible for them to accommodate many individuals.

Silver & Gold IRA’s

For those who will like to set up IRA accounts and diversify their portfolios in gold and silver, it is very possible to do so after you contact the company. They have eligible gold and silver products for you to have in your portfolio and enjoy great diversification.

Provident trust group Company address

8880 W Sunset Rd Ste 250,

Las Vegas, NV 89148

Secrets of provident trust group success in the industry

The company does not employ marketing strategies which are used by many industry players. The founder who is a qualified lawyer uses unique approaches which have proved to be very effective in Las Vegas and beyond. Some of the strategies which the company employs to remain afloat include the following:


The company does not employ a lot of online marketing. They network with members of the legal and financial advisory who make it possible for them to get a lot of referrals which lead to an increase in their customer base. The quality services of the company make them a preferred gold IRA company by many.

Flat fee for small accounts at Provident Trust Group

The company does not charge a lot for the maintenance of IRA accounts. From provident trust group fee schedule, they only charge about $395 per year. They accept between $50,000 and $100,000. This is unlike other companies which receive millions of investments under the gold IRA portfolios. The reputation of the company is good so far. If you have less than $50,000 and you will like to have the amount in gold IRA account, you can opt for the company as your preferred custodian.

Disadvantages of opening a gold IRA account at the company

There are some factors which come into play when trying to open a gold IRA account. The company should accept any amount. But, the limit of $100,000 is a bit low for serious investors who will like to avoid the uncertainty of paper currency.