Merit gold review

Merit gold review

From reading Merit gold review you will discover the company was among the most established companies. Currently, the company has closed business. It does not accept buying or selling gold bullions. From close associates of the company, it has been confirmed that the company is transferring ownership and during the process they are not allowed to carry out normal operation. Other sources, which have not been proved claim the company has gone into a state of assignment. Although the company is closing business, all customers who had accounts at the company have nothing to worry about. This is because their accounts are secured and fully insured. The company has its headquarters in Santa Monica CA. It has good reputation in serving customers for over 28 years.

My Merit gold review

Merit gold was among the companies that were well established in offering gold IRA services. In case you were interested in buying precious metals, then you will be assured of great services. Due to the closure of the company, you should look for another company where you will continue enjoying your precious metals investments. In your process of trying to locate the best company, you should consider different factors before you decide on one.

Merit gold review from customers

Although the company has closed doors, it has offered information on their website which indicate they have closed the business. They encourage customers to call for more enquiries. Some of the customers who have ever called to inquire have been unable to get enough information why the company has closed its operation. But, concerning the individual investments they are able to access enough information which assures them that their savings are secure. The company adheres to legal restrictions in doing its businesses. You will only be allowed to order your precious metals while making use of credit cards or approved cheques. You cannot buy your precious metals from Merit gold through use of solid cash.

Merit Gold Overview

If you are about to diversify your portfolio, Merit Gold is among top gold IRA companies in America. You will access up to date information on their website for you to make the right decision. Buy back prices at the company are among the best. The wide collection of precious metals makes them a great company for you to consider for your investment. Merit Gold has been in business for several years.

Merit Ratings and Complaints

There are many third party websites which have rated the company. You need to check out different reviews websites for you to have the right decision before making your decision. You should not be worried; we have carried out extensive research for you. Here are some of the ratings on different reputable platforms:

BCA Rating: AA

BBB Rating: Not Rated

RipOff Report: 9 Complaints

BBB Complaints: 11 complaints

Complaints Board: 1 Complaint

Yellow Pages: Not Rated

TrustLink: 4.6 based on 676 reviews

CitySearch: Not Rated

Review based on the last three yeaers

Merit Gold Contact Details

2001 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 320 Santa Monica, CA 90403

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 7AM – 7PM. Saturday: 9AM – 3PM.

Phone: (800) 515-5019


What you need to know About Merit Gold & Silver

Merit Gold & Silver is a division of Seacoast Coin Inc. It has been in business since 1986. It offers different products for you to diversify your portfolio. Some of the products you can access at the company include the following:

Gold products

When it comes to gold products, the company offers gold bars, gold coins and premium numismatic bullions.

Silver products at Merit Gold

If you prefer buying silver from the company, you will have options such as silver coins, silver bars and premium silver numismatic bullions.

Platinum Premium bars

Palladium Premium coins and bars

Gold IRA

You can set up a gold backed IRA account at the company in less than 20 minutes. Securing your retirement funds is an issue which the company takes it serious. They advise customers to have some of their investments in gold bars and coins.

Merit Gold & Silver offers a lot of information to clients. You will see their official website being updated on a daily basis as well as TV and radio commenters all-round the United States.

Steps involved in Merit Gold & Silver investment

The investment procedure involves three simple steps.

Choose Your Product

The first step involves choosing your preferred products. They have a wide inventory of products for you to choose from. Upon choosing the products, you can then proceed to call the company representative to guide you in the investment process.

Make Your Payment

After you confirm everything is okay, then you will have to make an order. You can use wire transfer or check to pay for your order. The choice of payment will affect your processing time.

Receive Your Product

The precious metals will be shipped from the company within three weeks of making your order. They offer Google ad iDevice for investors.

Merit Gold Pricing and Refund Policy

The minimum amount you can order from the company stands at $1,500. Storage and account administration fees apply as well. If your account is active for the first year, then you can enjoy free storage fees. It is among the best ways you can use to save your money when investing with the company.

Shipping charges vary depending on orders. All physical precious metals from Merit Gold & Silver are fully insured by the company during transit. There are no refunds offed by the company unless you receive damaged products. Representatives are available at 800-515-5019 for you to call and confirm your order.

What customers say about Merit Gold & Silver?

The company has stellar reviews on Trustlink. It has good reputation but there are different issues which customers raise concerning the company.

Pushy sales processes

There are some customers who complain of being pushed to make orders which they never intended. You should always take your time and make the right decision.

High commission fees

Other people complain of high fees structure due to commissions charged.

Long shipping times

The company quotes shipping within three weeks, it is long considering regal assets can deliver in less than seven days.

Poor customer service

Some calls end up being unanswered. Emails can as well wait for too long before a response is made.