Lear Capital review

Lear capital review

Lear capital review does not portray the company as the best. From reviews sites such as BBB, Trust link and BCA. You will find the company has a lot of complaints filed by different customers. 401(k) rollover process in the company take up to 30 business days. For the IRA transfer process you will have to wait for 5 to 30 business days. Metals delivery takes 14 days. The annual admin fee is $100. You will have to part with $275 as set up fees. The annual storage fees is $150. Their preferred depository is Delaware depository. The preferred custodian is self-directed IRA services. The minimum purchase amount of the precious metals is $10,000. Both physical and digital IRA application processes are allowed by the company. Lear capital is an American mint licensed dealer. Their website is TRUSe verified and Norton secured.

Lear capital review

The company was founded by Kevin Demerit and the CEO Scott Carter. It was established in 1997 where it used to deal with silver and gold IRA investments. Lear capital has highly experienced professionals who are ready to advice customers on different fields concerning gold IRA investments. The company is among the best choice in many Americans who will like to hedge inflation. Due to the effects that inflation has inflicted on many American investors who had made great investments that depend on paper currency, the company has offered alternatives where you will easily invest in precious metals that will not be affected by inflation.

Lear capital review by customers

Although the company tend to lack full diversification of their services. It has good track record in serving people. They have great customer care department that is highly respected. Through their customer care services they are able to serve customers satisfactorily. At the company you will easily invest in precious metals such as platinum, palladium, silver and gold. Another company review is here.

Lear Capital overview

There are different things you need to know about Lear Capital. It is a company which deals with precious metals. Before you open your gold IRA account, you should carry out background research before you call them. They have sales people who will try to convince you to buy their products. Of course, all products they have they are willing to sell to you. It is for you to carry to background research and approach the company with an open mind. Some of the factors you should take into consideration include the following:

Are you buying gold IRA eligible metals?

When purchasing precious metals as a way of preserving your value, you should always go for IRA eligible metals. There are several types of investors out there, and they will advise you to buy numismatic coins. They won’t help you if you are trying to protect your funds in the form of gold.

Does Lear Capital follow all IRA rules?

The company offers an extensive collection of precise metals and related services. There are some metals you can buy which don’t meet the IRA standards. Always check whether they are listed under IRA certification. When you know what you are doing, then you will avoid cases of misleading information from sales people who will end up misleading you.

Products Available at Lear Capital

Gold and silver coins

There are two types of silver coins available at the company. You can go for gold IRA eligible coins or buy historic coins. Historic coins are better bought for prestige. If you are after safeguarding your investment, then strictly order IRA eligible coins from the company.

Gold and silver IRAs

Under gold and silver IRA, you are buying silver and gold coins and bars which fall under the IRA specifications. They are the best for you to buy because you can liquidate them easily.

Why you should visit Lear Capital official website

Even if you have not made up your mind to invest in the company, there are many benefits you will enjoy. They have a website with a lot of information which offers a lot of information for you to utilize as a wise investor. Some of the information you can access at the official website include the following:

Live spot prices

The live spot price of different metals is displayed at the company. You can access spot prices of gold, silver, palladium and platinum. There are also historical charts for you to stay informed before you make your final decision.

Portfolio comparison calculator

If you like to compare different portfolios before you invest in one, you can easily do so by comparing various charts provided. You can quickly know the Lear Capital silver eagle price from the tables.

Required minimum distribution estimator

It is among the services they offer to customers so that they can enhance the experience of their clients.

Premium coin analyzer

If you like to access Lear Capital 600 free silver or even know the Lear Capital silver price, you can easily do so by visiting the website and check on the coin analyzer.

Direct email and phone support

If you face Lear capital problems, you can contact them via their mail or phone and they will help you solve the problem. They have intelligent sales people who respond very fast to your call and solve your problem promptly.

Educational Resources

Precious metals news blog

You should be fully informed so that you can always make the right decision in your process of trying to invest in gold IRA. The company has a blog where you can subscribe and access regular updates about Lear Capital commercial adventures.

Precious metals encyclopedia

It explains everything you need to know about precious metals so that you can estimate the Lear Capital silver value for years to come. There are also multiple videos for you to know different issues in the field of precious metals investment.

Types of IRAs services offered by Lear capital

Traditional IRA

If you like to access an account where you will add earning before tax, you can rely on the traditional IRA account. Your employer mostly opens it.

Roth IRA

It allows you to add contributions after you have paid taxes.


It is the process of moving your funds from one retirement savings account to the other. For example, from your traditional IRA account to a gold backed IRA account.

Precious Metals IRA Pros (Gold IRA)

Value isn’t tied to the stock market

Directed only by you (full control)

Good hedge against inflation

Helps diversify your portfolio

Allows physical possession or liquidate

Tax advantages

Precious Metals IRA Cons

Specific metals and purities are eligible

No compounding interest

Still subject to volatility

Holding costs