Kitco Review

Kitco review

You will notice from reading Kitco review that the company has some customer complaints. But, you should go further and check on other sites for you to get genuine Kitco review. You can wait up to 10 days for your IRA transfer process to be effective .The set up fees is $50 and the annual admin fee will depend on the choice of the custodian. The annual storage fees is $150. There are many preferred custodians whom you can choose for you to make your IRA account effective. They include Goldstar trust company, Equity international, new direction IRA, Nuview IRA, prudent trust group, sun west trust, Self-direct IRA services, American estate and trust, the kingdom trust company, and new generation trust services. Brinks is the preferred depository. Kitco is an ICTA member and you will have to make physical application for you to get started.

Kitco review

The company has offices in New York, Hong Kong and Montreal. It specialises in selling and purchasing precious metals. In case you have gold and you will like to sell it, then Kitco can help you a lot. Yu will not access gold IRA services from the company directly, in order to serve their customers who are interested in gold IRA services, the company has partnered with many companies to make the transaction possible.

Kitco review by customers

It is very easy for a many customers to trust the company in buying or selling their metals to them. Kitco has been around for over three decades. This means they have enough experience that will enable them offer you the best services. The company has a website where you will access instant prices of different metals. This makes it easy for different customers to make quick decisions whether to do business with them or not. Kitco is a company that was established long time ago, but it has no live chat services. This makes it hard for customers to access quick help from the company. Read more reviews.

Kitco Metals Inc Overview

If you are looking for the best gold IRA investing company, then you need to check on Kitco reputation so that you can know whether the company is the best for you to invest. Kitco Metals Inc has been active in offering precious metals services. It serves different parts of the world. Some of the areas where they have offices include New York, Montreal, and Hong Kong. You can buy or sell precious metals at the company such as platinum, gold, silver, palladium or even rhodium.

About Kitco Metals Inc

The company deals with supplying precious metals to dealers in different parts of the world. If you like to have precious metals which you can apply in your jewelry industry, you can access them at the company. They have highly qualified experts in the precious metal sector who offer genuine information to potential buyers. Setting up the best online gold jewelry store is easy. They are willing to pass the investors through different steps to ensure they are fully informed about the products before the customers can proceed and invest in the company.

Kitco Reviews, Rating, & Testimonials

You need to check bullion dealers directory and the online gold dealer reviews offered in their party web sites for you to know whether the company is the best for you to consider in your precious metals investment. Some of the ratings of the company include the following:

Better Business Bureau: A+

Filed Complaints: 3 within the 2 years


Kitco Products and Services

The company offers a broad range of products. You will enjoy great peace of mind upon locating Kitco. Some of the metals they provide include the following:

Gold Coins (IRA eligible)

You can access IRA eligible coins at the company. If you are looking for a dealer who can serve your needs, they offer great deals.

Silver Coins (IRA eligible)

You may be looking for silver coins for you to diversify your investment portfolio. It is possible for you to access gold IRA eligible coins at the company. It is among top rated precious metals dealers whom you can rely on to access quality precious metal for your gold investment.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium Bars

Apart from IRA investment, you may be looking for the precious metals so that you can use them in your jewelry business. They offer a broad range of precious metals so that you will always enjoy peace of mind. They organize all the processes involved in the sale of the precious metals conveniently.

Silver & Gold IRA’s

If you like to open a gold IRA account, you can open your account at the company. You can carry out your research so that you will know whether the company offers the best services for your specific needs.

Kitco Metals Inc. Company Location

64 Lake St Ste 101,

Rouses Point, NY 12979

Advantages of Investing In Kitco Gold

User-friendly website

The website of the company is easy to maneuver. You will quickly access different services you may be looking for within a short period.

Best online gold chains

The company has gold chains which spread from the United States, Canada, and even Hong Kong. It does not matter where you are located, you can interact with them online, and you can access their services within a short period. If you like to open a home IRA accounts, you can order their precious metals online discretely, and they will deliver to your home.

Reliable price list

The price list of the company does not fluctuate more often. It implies that you can buy products at the best prices and achieve value for your money.

Professional customer care professionals

The professionals at the company are quick to respond to your query. If you like to know more about the progress of your order, you can easily do so after you contact the company.

Disadvantages of investing in Kitco Gold

Not suitable for numismatic collectors

The company does not offer collector coins. If you are looking for a way you can access rare coins for you to include in your collectibles, then you may not feel happy after you decide to do business with the company.

Lack of client review

There is no much customer review on their website. You may find it hard trust them at first due to the lack of reviews.

No online live chat

Online chat is the easiest way for you to get in touch with the most reputable online silver dealers. But, the company does not offer free conversations which many competitors offer.