Invest in gold

Invest in gold – Here are 5 smart ways

After you decided to invest in gold you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits associated with the investment. Gold has stood the test of time as the best commodity which will cushion you against inflation. Apart from buying gold and keeping it safely in vaults, there are also other means through which you can invest in gold. In other methods you will not be able to deal with gold directly but they deliver their basis of investment from the spot price of gold. Before you decide on any way you should take your time and decide on one that will promise you great returns.

5 smart ways for you to invest in gold

  • Buy gold bullions

From history, for example in the Egyptian civilization gold was used as a store of value. You will also find out that Pharos of Egypt were buried with gold. This was just a belief that they will be able to use the gold in life after death. Over many decades gold has still maintained its value where it is accepted worldwide as a great store of value. You can decide to buy gold bullions from different sources and store them. You will be able to enjoy great profits after some time because its price will raise.

  • Gold exchange-traded funds

You can also decide to trade in (ETFS) in your struggle to invest in gold. In the Exchange Traded Funds you will be able to buy stocks that are fixed on the value of real gold bullions. In this form you will not be required to hold gold physically hence avoid the storage fees. There are many companies that offer stocks from where you can buy and make your dream to invest in gold come true.

  • Gold mutual funds

In case you will like to invest in gold but avoid being in direct contact with the precious metal. You can decide to go for gold mutual funds. In this case you will decide to invest in gold where you will buy stocks of the companies that deal with gold. The companies can deal with gold in mining. After buying your shares in the companies you will be able to enjoy great returns on your investment.

  • Junior gold stocks

In this investment plan you will be able to invest in gold exploration activities. The investment is very risky but in case of a profit you will be able to enjoy up to triple digit profit. It is also very easy for you to incur great loses in case the company in which you have invested fail to discover gold in its explorations.

  • Gold options and futures

In this case you will buy opinions. You can decide to buy an opinion where you will state that the price will raise, termed as a call. In case you buy a put where you expect the price to fall and it happens to fall, you will end up registering great margins in form of profits.

The best gold investment

There are several ways you can invest in gold. But, the best among them is gold IRA investment. It is a retirement investment option which solves a lot of stress for you. It is protected by the state laws. As a US citizen, you don’t have to struggle a lot before you can get started. You only visit gold IRA certified companies where the experts will guide you on how to obtain a free gold investment kit and get started. For you to make the right decision, you should assess different gold IRA investment companies. Here are some of the tips you can apply for you to locate the best gold IRA companies:

Check out online reviews

There are several review sites such as TrustPilot among others where you can carry out research about a given gold IRA company before you decide to invest. If a given company has complaints, it is necessary for you to check whether they solve them before you proceed.

Visit the official website of the gold IRA Company

The best gold IRA Company should have a website with great user experience. It is possible for you to know whether a given website has great user experience after you visit and try to navigate. You can have gold coins, gold bullion bars among other products in your portfolio. Always go for companies which can alloy you diversify your investment so that you can achieve the best results. Apart from gold, you can as well have other products in your investment such as silver, palladium and platinum. It is necessary to diversify your portfolio by including different products.

Set up fees

To open a gold IRA account, there are set up fees you will have to pay. The company will have to charge you for the storage fees and well as the administration fees. It is necessary for you to check on the fees. Even if you have a lot to invest in gold, it is necessary to save money where possible. Comparing different gold IRA Company will make it possible for you to choose the best company for you to invest.

Friendly customer care

There are times when you will need assistance from the company before you proceed to invest. You should look for a company which can get back to you within a short period. You can compare different companies which offer gold investment for you to locate one which has finance advice experts who can guide you in your gold IRA investment.

Safety of your physical gold

If you opt to invest in gold IRA, then you need to check on the safety of your precious metals. The company should have strong vaults backed by an insurance cover so that you can avoid cases where you will lose your investment overnight. The best way for you to go about it includes checking on the certification of the company. A gold IRA company which has been fully certified to offer you the services will be the best for you to consider. If you prefer home storage IRA, the company should assure you quick and secure delivery of the metals.