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How to Invest In Gold- 3 Simple Ways

Gold investing is considered an option for few in the society, but the truth is that you can easily invest in gold. Many people will like to be associated with gold, this makes it one of the viable investments that you can decide to venture into.

Why invest in Gold

This is due to many reasons, first, you will never miss someone for you to sale the gold to. Secondly, gold has a good record of appreciating in value. This means that even if you buy it today, the next few years you will be richer. It does not need any form of processing for you to add value to it. Just buy it and keep it safely and you will be assured of great profits the time you will decide to liquidate it. Here are simple ways on how to invest in gold

Ways on how to invest in gold

Open a gold IRA account

You can easily invest in gold after you decide to open a gold backed IRA account. This is very easy for you to achieve. Just take time and locate a company with good reputation in offering gold IRA account. After you locate the best company you will only call or fill an online form from where you will be able to open the account. After opening the account you will be required to transfer your savings into the account where you will buy different gold products such as gold bullion, gold bars and gold coins.

Buy gold mining company stocks

This is another simple way through which you can easily invest in gold. Just like other forms of investments where you will buy stocks, you will not be stressed on how to invest in gold after you approach a company that sales shares and it happen that the company is dealing with gold. Due to the great demand of gold, an investment in gold shares can be among the best that you can ever decide on.

Jewellery buying

Jewellery made out of gold tend to sale at high prices. The jeweleries are also available in different forms. You can decide to open a retail store where you will be selling the jewellery. There are different types of jewellery that have been made with some percentage of gold. For you to avoid cases where you will be sold jewellery which you will hardly sale due to the low value of gold in them, you should be well informed on how to determine the value of gold in different Jeweleries.

Where to buy gold bullion

You can buy gold bullion online or visit your local banks. Most gold IRA companies sell the gold bullion bars. Always carry out background research and know the reputation of a given company before you decide to buy your bullion bars.

How to invest in gold coins

There are several ways. First, you can purchase the gold coins eligible for IRA and have them in your gold IRA account. The easiest way for you to get started is to visit the website of the best Gold IRA Company and open an account.

How to invest in gold online

Visit the website of the gold companies online from where you will be guided on how to invest. Some of the top gold IRA companies we recommend include the following list of top gold IRA companies.

1. Gold Bars

The gold bars come in different sizes. You can buy the gold bars and store them in your home while you wait for the value to increase. You can as well buy from gold mint and sell them later. The value of gold bars keep in growing; you can buy them strategically so that you can use them as your store of value.

2. Sovereigns gold investing

You can buy gold coins as sovereigns and sell them. Many collectors sought the coins, you can easily access a seller whom you can sell the gold coin and make instant profit. Always buy with care because there are several scammers out there.

3. Krugerrands gold investing

The South African Krugerrands are gold coins which you can buy and sell to different gold coin collectors. South Africa is known to produce gold in massive amounts due to several mines available in the country.

4. Exchange-traded funds

You can trade in the gold exchange-traded funds after you sign up in stock exchange markets. The gold stocks follow market value but they are somehow determined by the market price of gold.

5. Unit trusts and investment trusts

They involve investing in the share of gold mining companies. There are several gold mining companies across the globe that you can locate and invest with them.

6. Gold accounts

You can open a gold IRA account which is similar to allocated gold account. The allocated gold account is an account where you buy a certain number of gold, but the bank has freedom to lease the gold to other people and make the profit but they will avail it when you need it. Allocated account attracts insurance and storage fees.

7. Gold shares

It involves buying shares of companies which trade in gold or those which mine the precious minerals.

8. Jewelry gold investing

Jewelry is among the top ways you can invest in gold or other precious metals. There are several people who buy the valuable pieces on different occasions. They include celebrations and those who buy wedding rings. The jewelry is sold on various online platforms.

9. Gold certificates

They were mostly offered by US since civil war up to 1933. People can have the certificates and exchange them for physical gold without having to hold the physical metal. The certificates confirm the ownership of gold but the banks take care of the precious metals. Countries which offer gold certificates include the United States, Germany, and Switzerland. Some of the benefits include personal security and the insurance provided by banks.

10. Gold Bars

Gold bullion are mostly stored in banks as a store of value. You can buy the bullion bars and have them in your home IRA or even store them and wait for the value to appreciate.

11. Gold Coins

The coins have face value. They are valued according to the purity and value of coins available in them. There are different types of gold coins which are made in various territories.

12. Gold Rounds investing

The gold rounds are similar to gold coins, but they don’t bear any currency value. They are pure weight gold hence are not considered collectibles.