Gold Ira Rollover

Heritage gold group review

Many people will tend to read Heritage gold group review before they make decisions on where to open their gold IRA account. Heritage gold group has great reviews on the reviews sites. From reviews sites such as BBB, BCA and Trust links, customers have good reviews about the company. IRA transfer process in the company takes up to 14 days. Annual storage fees is $150 and admin fees is $100. The company’s preferred custodian is Sterling trust. In order to set up an account at the company you have to make use of physical gold IRA application process. Heritage gold group is an ICTA member. In order to make you feel welcomed, you will be offered a waiver of the fees for the first three years.

Heritage gold group review

Heritage gold group focus on converting clients’ investments in form of 401(k) into gold or other precious metals, such as platinum and silver. It was established in the year 2006. It is a subsidiary of Goldco direct. This means after you decide to do business with the company you will have to involve another company in the process. Some customers feel this makes the company a bit complicated. Remember many people will prefer a company that will enable them achieve great clarity, especially when dealing with important matters such as their lifetime savings.

Heritage gold group review by customers

The company offers three types of precious metals investments. They involve gold, silver and platinum. In order to know more about their services before you invest, they will email you a brochure which will contain all their services and rates involved. At the company you will open a self-directed IRA account, during the first three years you will enjoy free services. But after the three years are over you will have to pay for the services. When comparing the company with other companies available you will discover the company offers less information to its potential customers concerning the precious metals investment trends. Read more.

Services Offered By Heritage Gold Group

Heritage Gold Group allows individuals to set up 401k as well as gold IRA accounts. It is among highly voted companies when it comes to gold IRA sector.  I know several people who have tried the company and they have good reviews to share. If you are willing to start a gold IRA account, it is among top contenders. Some of the factors you need to check out before you decide to invest in the company include factors such as quality of services. Heritage Gold Group puts customers first when it comes to gold IRA and other investment services.

Benefits of investing with Heritage Gold Group

5-star rating on trust link reviews

It is not easy for a company to get 5-star rating on Trust Link. From my perspective, it implies the company is among those who offer quality services. Some of the areas which I take into consideration before I proceed to access IRA services include checking out ratings on third party websites. You need to invest in a company which will assure you peace of mind. You will know you have made the right decision which most keen investors make after they decide to invest in the company.

Heritage Gold Group A+ rating with Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is among top third party websites where you can access crucial information about a gold IRA company. I first took the time to check out reviews on the site before checking out other gold IRA companies reviews. The A+ rating is among the highest businesses can score on the review website. It is a positive indicator that the company is dedicated to offering quality services. The quality of services in general at the company is among the best for you to consider. There is no fraud lawsuit filed so far against the enterprise. You can buy precious metals, and you will expect genuine metals to be delivered to your gold IRA.

Triple-A score at Business Consumer Alliance

Other consumers will rely on Business Consumer Alliance to report fraud or any abnormal cases related to their investment. The company has stellar reviews. It offers quality services which have made many customers trust them for quality services. Professionals are always ready to offer costumers quality services. Despite few flaws, the company is among the best you can trust to enjoy quality gold IRA services.

Cons of investing with Heritage Gold Group

Limited third party website reviews

If you search for Heritage Gold Group review online, you will access information in very few websites. It makes it hard for you to know the authenticity of the company so that you can invest with them. Remember a company should have mentioned on different platforms for you to know whether it can offer quality services or otherwise. With Heritage Gold Group, you can take a lot of time before you can know the quality of services which they offer.

High storage fees at Heritage Gold Group

The storage fees at Heritage Gold Group start at $125 per year. It is a considerable large amount to any investor. The high storage costs make many investors prefer other contenders in the scene who tend to have low fees. As an investor you should look for ways of saving money, among the best ways you can go about it is to compare different companies available and go for one which has the best rates. You can easily know it after you check out top gold IRA company list.

High administrative fees

The administrative costs at the company start at $100 per year. According to the company, the costs are still high. You need to look for a company which will assure you the best administrative fees possible. When comparing the group with others, it does not score poorly considering there are others who will not even disclose storage fees. They can surprise you with huge figures after you have rolled over your gold IRA.

Limited information to investors

Different gold IRA companies available offer a lot of information about gold IRA investing. It is unlike Heritage Gold Group which provides limited information to potential clients before they proceed and make the investment.

Gold IRA takes 14 days to process

If you like to have your precious metals delivered within a short period, then the company may inconvenience you because you will have to wait for more than 14 days for the precious metals to be delivered.