GoldStar Trust Review

GoldStar Trust Review, Login Page, Official Website & Services

After reading Goldstar trust review you will discover IRA transfers in the company take about 14 days to be completed. 401k rollover process takes about 4 weeks to be completed. The set up fees is $65. Annual storage fees adds up to $150. Their preferred custodian is self-directed IRA services. You will also learn from Goldstar trust review that their preferred depository include Delaware depository and diamond state depository. The minimum amount you can invest in the company is $5,000. The company is an ICTA member and you will only fill papers physically for you to have an account at the company.

Goldstar trust review

Goldstar trust has been in the business of precious metal investing for over 20 years. It has good reputation where it serves customers over 38 states in the United States of America. Apart from offering a wide variety of precious metals in its investments plans, you will also find church and municipal bonds at the company for you to invest more. Gold has been used in many sectors such as in the aerospace industry where NASA has been using it, you will also find it in electronic industry. Although it has many uses, gold cannot be mass-produced hence it will always remain the best investment that you can ever make in case you will like to avoid the effects of inflation from touching your investment.

Goldstar trust review by customers

The bank offers several investing opportunities such as non US IRAs, Swiss annuities, church bonds that allow churches to expand their premises in the USA among other services. The company has a good reputation in offering customers a lot of information which they can use to make good decisions. The company has been in the business for a long period of time and customers who have ever tried it have a lot to say about it. In general, it is among the best companies that you can use for you to have an account that will enable you invest in gold.

GoldStar Trust Reviews, Testimonials & Rating

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Goldstar Trust Products and Services

The company has a wide range of services. Here are some of the services you can access at GoldStar Trust:

Self-directed IRA’s


Church Financing

Silver & Gold IRA’s

Goldstar Trust Company physical Location

1401 SW 4th Ave

Amarillo, TX 79106

Reputation in Educating Potential Customers

The company offers a lot of information to potential customers. There is the need for you to be fully informed before you make your decision in investing in gold. They offer investment kits which come with almost all the information you need to make the right decision on your investment. You can as well call the company from where you will get to know about the services which they offer.

Goldstar Trust Company management

The company has a team of highly qualified and motivated officers who are ready to respond to your queries. The top management consists of the following professionals:

John Johnson: President

Jeff Worley: S.V.P. – Operations Manager    

Dave Schnierle: S.V.P. – Escrow/Paying Agent Services

Daisy Balderaz: V.P. – Operations

Tanya Cowgill: V.P. – Business Development

Rhonda Cox: V.P. – Special Projects    

Wanda Perdue: V.P. – Collections

Kelsea Heiman: A.V.P – Accounting    

Marty McClish: A.V.P. – Deposits and Distributions    

Jeremy Self: A.V.P – Project Development

Rachel Garman: Trust Officer – Alternative Assets    

Lara Johns: Trust Officer – Investor Services    

Carla McCaslin: Trust Officer – New Business

The contact details of the professionals are available at the company about page. You can reach them via email from where you will get to do business with them.

Goldstar Trust Company brief history

The company is a 2$ billion division of the Happy State Bank. They have over 25 years of experience in self-directed IRA custodian services. Other services which the company offers include trust and escrow paying agent. The company is backed by a confidence Texas bank which was started back in 1908. At a glance you can note the following facts from their official website:

Established 1989

Custodian for more than 37,500 self-directed IRAs

$2 billion in assets

Trust branch of Happy State Bank

Located in Canyon, Texas

GoldStar Trust Company Prices and Products

The company offers different types of custodial accounts. You can access services such as:

Self-directed IRAs

Church finance

Precious metals IRAs

Church bond investments

Publicly traded securities

Privately offered investments

Swiss annuities

Precious metals IRAs

GoldStar Trust Company Contact Details

Official Address: 1401 4th Avenue, Canyon, TX 79015

Phone Number: (800)-486-6888

Fax: (806) 655-2530

Official company Email:

Official Website and login page:

GoldStar Trust Company’s Website pages


The page covers different fees charged for their IRAs services. You can visit the page for you to compare different prices so that you can know the best services for you to sign up.

Precious Metals IRA

The page explains all the advantages, as well as the process of setting up gold backed IRA account at the company.


The page explains the three depositories used by the company to store precious metals if you opt to open a gold IRA account with the company.

Pros of investing with GoldStar Trust Company

Over two decades of experience

Experience matters when it comes to choosing the best gold IRA Company. The company has more than 20 years in dealing with precious metals among other types of investments. They have more than $2 billion funds under their management.

37,000 IRA accounts

Many people trust the company, and that is why they have more than 37,000 IRA accounts under their control. If you are looking for an organization which has the right professionals and experts to manage your funds under gold IRA, then you will be making the right decision if you opt to go for the company.

Wide variety of investment options at Goldstar

They offer investment services you can hardly find in competitors in the field. For example, they provide Swiss annuities, church bond investment opportunities, and private investments.

Cons of GoldStar Trust Company

Sliding scale fees

If you intend to open a growing account, then you will be expected to pay more in the long run because of their fees structure increase with your increase in investment.