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Goldsilver review reveals that the cost of metal storage at the company is calculated based on the amount of precious metals that you will store in the company. For gold, the minimum that you will pay is $300 and for silver you will have to part with $420 as the minimum charge for storing your precious metals with the company. The company’s preferred depository is Brinks. Only physical ira application is allowed. Goldsilver is an ICTA member and is listed in the US licensed gold dealers, this information can be found on the list of the US minty.

Goldsilver review

Michael Maloney is the founder of Goldsilver. The founder was an advisor in the field of gold investing. You will easily access the services of the company online. The company has its headquarters in Santa Monica in California. It started its operation in the year 2005. The company has a good reputation in funding homeless rehabilitation programs in Californian. Apart from buying precious metals, the company also sells the metals to potential customers. The website of the company has a lot of information which will lead any potential investor into making a good decision. It has a limited selection of metals where it only allows gold and silver in their investment portfolios.

Goldsilver review from the customer perspective

The company has a wide selection of gold bars and coins, you will also find silver bars and coins. This restricts customers who will like to have palladium and platinum in their investments. The minimum investment accepted in the company is $20,000. This usually cuts off potential investors who will like to invest smaller amounts. You can easily buy your precious metals online through the use of their website. While buying online you will be required to have a credit card or a debit card. This makes it very easy for different customers to access precious metals from the company. Also check. Rating, Reviews & Testimonials

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Silver, Gold Products & Services

The company offers an extensive collection of investment services. Some of the services you can access at include the following:

Gold Coins (IRA eligible)

If you are looking for gold IRA eligible metals, you can as well obtain gold coins from the company. You need to diversify your investment and having gold is among the methods you can use. They make it easy to diversify your portfolio.

Silver Coins (IRA eligible)

There are also silver coins which you can have in your gold IRA account. The company has an extensive collection of silver coins which you can have in your portfolio as a way of diversifying your investment.

Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium Bars

Apart from gold and silver coins, you can as well have other metals in your investment. The IRA eligible bars available at the company can help you.

Silver & Gold IRA’s services

The federal law guides the way gold IRA or other retirement savings should operate. They adhere to all the guidelines in offering the services. You can rely on the company for you to run your gold investment services.

Goldsilver review and Company Location

Physical address: P.O. Box 1129,

Santa Monica, CA 90406

Official website and login page

For you to visit the company website and log in, you can visit You can use their chat system or even contact them for more information.

Benefits of investing in Goldsilver Company

Unparalleled education

Before you decide to invest in a given company, it is necessary to check out the education. The company takes the initiative to educate investors so that they can make the right decision. Remember investing for your retirement is an issue you should treat with great care.

World-class gold and silver dealer services

Customer satisfaction at the company is very high. If you are looking for a company which can assure you excellent services, then you need to consider the company. They have financial experts to advise you accordingly.

Founder of Goldsilver

Mike Maloney a renowned precious metals advisor

The founder of the company is renowned precious metal investor. He has authored bestselling books as well as being a motivational speaker in the field of retirement investment. He authored Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver which is the bestselling precious metal investing book of all time.

Hidden Secrets of Money

It is another documentary where he shares his wide experience in the industry. If you are looking for a company with reliable information to avail to you the best services, you can count on the company.

22K and 24K gold jewelry

Apart from gold bars and coins, the company also offers jewelry. It is a fully functional company which offers precious metals investing.

GoldSilver Insider’s Program

It is a video report created by Mike Maloney which equips investors with up to date information which they need before making the right decisions on their investments. The program also offers users access to great deals at Goldsilver.

Goldsilver puts interests of the customers first

There are specific goals you will like to achieve. For you to achieve your set goals, the company has put strategies in place to ensure you are offered the best services ever.

Information on the economy and the markets

You need information about the economy and the markets before you proceed to invest, the company offers a lot of information to prospective investors so that they can make the right decision in advance.

Delivers on time

You need your products on time; the company has the good reputation in availing all the metals you need to make the right decision. If you decide to open a physical gold IRA account, the company will always deliver the metals into your account in good time.

Precious metals are kept safe

If you need the best gold IRA services, you need a company which can store your gold IRA metals. Your personal information is always kept private to avoid any data breach. If there is any problem, they are available to solve the issues in good time.