Goldline International Review

Goldline international review

When reading Goldline international review you will discover that Goldline international is not accredited by BBB. From trust link reviews you will also discover that the company has low ratings. Ira transfer process in the company takes up to 28 days to be complete. The set up fees is $225. Annual admission fees ranges from $60 to $250. The annual storage fees for the company is $100. Preferred custodians include Goldstar trust and Delaware depository.

Minimum purchase at Goldline International

The minimum purchase you can make at the company is $5,000. For your application to be successful you have to fill papers because the company does not support digital applications. Goldline international is a member is ICTA and is a licensed gold dealer by US mint. After you invest more than $10k in the company you access a free bullion coin as a promotion.

Goldline international review

The company has been in the business of precious metals for over 5 decades. It acts as a custodian of gold IRA accounts as well as selling precious Metals to customers. It sells metals such as silver, gold, palladium and platinum. In case you will like to liquidity the metals that you may have invested in, the company makes it very easy for you to sell the metals. While opening an IRA account the company has executive representatives who will guide you through the process.

Goldline international review by customers

Customer are able to enjoy great delivery and storage services of their precious metals. The company makes use of Delaware depository to keep the precious metals securely. The annul fees of the services offered by the company vary depending on the size of the account. Reviews sites such as Trust link. BCA and Rip off rank the company poorly. This is due to complaints by costumers. The company had a case where customers where complaining, but it refunded a total of $4.5 million to the 43 affected customers which led to the drop of the case. More reviews.

Goldline International Overview

Since 1960, the company has been serving. Some of the precious metals which the company has been dealing with include silver, gold, and platinum. Goldline International once acquired Dreyful Precious Metals as a way of improving their service delivery. The name Goldline International came into existence in 1998 when the company was renamed. There are several things you can love about the company which can make you decide to open a gold IRA account in their platforms.

Services offered by Goldline International

The company offers a wide variety of precious metals. If you like to open a precious metals account, there are several benefits you can enjoy after you decide to deal with Goldline International. Some of the precious metals they offer include the following:

Specialty coins

The specialty coins available at the company include those from S.S Republic shipwreck coins and the Wells Fargo Nevada Gold collections. Their shipping process is very fast for you to access the products as soon as you order them.

Silver bullion bars at Goldline International

You can access silver bullion bars at the company. It is for you to specify whether you are after IRA eligible silver bullion or just buying for other purposes. The experts at the company can always guide you to make the right investment.


Platinum bars and coins are available in different sizes for you to make a decision. If you will like to buy platinum in bulk, the company makes it very easy for you.


You can store Palladium bullion bars for different reasons. You can include them in your gold IRA plan as a way of diversifying your portfolio among other uses.

Historic dollars

There are several dollars which have historical value. Collectors can access Morgan half dollars, walking liberty among others. They offer a secure transaction platform for you always to access your precious metals.

 Historic coins

All IRS approved coins are available at Goldline International. Some of the accepted coins you can access at the company include Saint-Gaudens Gold coins, Liberty coins, and India head coins.

Gold bars

The gold bars are among the popular choices for investors. They are available in different sizes. At the company, you can access 1 oz, 10 oz up to a kilo weights.

Precious metals Bullions

The company deals with a wide variety of metals. It deals with precious metals bullion such as silver and gold. The bullions are imported from overseas countries such as Russia, China, and France among others.

Services at Goldline International

Apart from offering a wide selection of precious metals investment options, the company also provides a broad range of investment services. Some of the investment services you can access from Goldline International include the following:

Investor’s Kit

Before you invest in precious metals, you should read and become fully informed. There are no cases of hard sell after you decide to deal with Goldline International. They believe in offering you freedom to choose. The investors kit is available online for you to read and get to know the agreement you are about to enter when it comes to different services which they offer. The kit equips you with all the necessary information you need to make the best decision on your investment.

Goldline International Depositories

When investing in gold IRA, you need a repository. The company offers you freedom to choose from a wide variety of third-party depositories which are fully insured to handle your precious metals. You can as well choose their storage options which usually cost 0.75% of your total investment value.

 Quick Delivery at Goldline International

The company makes all delivery through United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express or U.S Postal Service. Investors in Canada and U.S access free shipping services which are fully insured.

Customer Service

Their customer service is readily available to serve you if you like to reach their support. You can have your queries responded to within a short period after you contact them for your precious metals investment.

Limited buy-back

If you buy precious metals and coins from the company, there is a limited buyback program. In the program, you incur a 1% liquidation fee.