Gold IRA Rollover: Tips for you to have a successful IRA rollover & Eligible Accounts

Gold IRA Rollover

Gold ira rollover tips

Gold IRA rollover will enable you get all or part of your IRA investment into a gold IRA account. This is a move that many people have taken after discovering the great risks involved in other forms of IRAs that are not gold backed. It does not require you to be a millionaire in order to invest in gold. The main reason of investing in gold especially in your IRA account is to try and avoid a lot of risks involved in other forms of investments. The decision you will make today will matter a lot for the success of your retirement life. By making a decision to undertake gold IRA rollover you will be assured of avoiding uncertainties in your investment plan and wait for time for your investments to grow.


Why many people are opting for gold IRA rollover

After you decide to roll over your funds from your ordinary IRA account to gold backed or other precious metals accounts you will benefit in such a way that you will be exempted from paying some taxes. This is possible because the federal law allows you to transfer your funds directly from your IRA account or 401k account into a gold backed IRA account without taxes. You should be careful when carrying out your gold IRA rollover because any withdrawal that you will make will lead you to paying taxes. You should inform your IRA account trustee by way of writing to transfer the funds from for you to be exempted from paying taxes.

Tips for you to have a successful gold IRA rollover

  • Decide on a trustworthy custodian

For you to be able to run a gold IRA account, you will have to buy physical gold and store it in the accounts. This will require you to have a custodian who will store your gold bars and bullion in safe custodians. There are many custodians who are allowed by the state law to act as custodians. Because the investment will involve your life savings, you should carry out background checks and ensure that the custodian is a trustworthy one. You should also check on the fees and consider whether he is offering you the services of storing your precious metals at the best rates. In order to be assured of the best company which will handle your finance well, you need to read IRA custodian reviews which will lead you to making the best decision.

  • In form your Employer

There are employers who will offer 401k investment plans for their employees. In case the funds which you will like to use in your gold IRA rollover are in such accounts you need to consult the employer and ensure that he allows you to have a gold backed IRA account. In case of any restrictions you should look for ways of solving them before you embark on your gold IRA rollover plan in order to avoid stress while handling your finance.

  • Find a Reputable Gold Dealer

For you to have your funds transferred into gold IRA in your gold IRA rollover plan you will have to buy physical gold from a dealer. It is always necessary for you to look for a reputable dealer who will offer you the gold bars and coins at the best rates. For you to avoid confusion in case you have never been involved in buying gold you can always ask your gold IRA company which will act as the custodian of your precious metals.

Gold IRA Rollover Tips You Should Read

Ensure you visit the official IRA website and check the regulations

The government has regulations concerning gold IRA rollover. If you are trying to rollover your 401(k) to gold IRA or you will like to transform part of your traditional gold IRA into gold backed, you should ensure you carry out research and know the rules you should adhere to in your rollover process. It is necessary to stick to the rules because failure to do so can expose you to penalties. Requesting Regal Assets gold IRA investment guide will make it easy for you to invest in the precious metals.

Check whether your investment account is eligible for gold IRA rollover

If you own the following accounts, then you are eligible for gold IRA rollover

Roth IRA



Traditional IRA


Some annuities

TSP (Thrift Savings Plans)

Pension plans

Consider a company which can guide you in the rollover process

There are several gold IRA rollover companies out there. Not all of them can offer you a guide on how you can go about the process of rolling over your funds. For you to avoid making mistakes, you should as well consider a company which will guide you through the process of investing in the precious metals.

Questions you need to ask before you rollover your funds to gold or other precious metals

How long will it take for you to make profits out of your gold IRA investment?

If you are looking for an investment which can offer you quick returns, then investing in gold IRA may not be the right choice for you to take.

Can gold IRA lead to losses?

Just like any investment, you may have worries. But, from history, the physical gold IRA has not exposed people to losses like other types of investments such as real estate. It does not depend on paper currency hence there are few chances you can make losses if you decide to invest in gold IRA.

Are your gold IRA funds safe?

Yes, if you choose the best company for the investment options, then you should be not worried. The investment options are described by the law hence there are few chances you can make a losses if you decide to invest in gold IRA.

How can you save money when rolling over your IRA?

If you will like to avoid tax penalties, then you need to rollover your IRA by instructing your former employer to transfer the funds rather than you withdrawing them which can attract a fine.