Gold Coins- The Most Common 6 in the Market

Buying gold coins is among the best decision that you can ever make in your struggle to safeguard your wealth against inflation and other forms of uncertainties. Since Roman times you will discover that flat currency has led to the demise of many civilizations, this is unlike the case with gold currencies. Due to their great reliability of the gold coins, many Americans have resorted into investing in gold coins. You may be interested in investing in one of the gold coins, because there are many available you should take your time and decide on the best gold coins for you to invest in.

An over view of the most common gold coin

1. Vienna Philharmonics gold coins

Due to their beauty and high quality, Vienna Philharmonics gold coins have gained great popularity all over the world. The coins contain .9999 fine gold. They are produced by the famous Australian mint in Vienna. The mint has good reputation of producing great currency for over 800 years.

2. American Buffalos gold coins

American buffaloes gold coins make the first pure karat gold coin to be ever produced by the United States of America. The coin was first seen in the market in 2006.The coin has attractive sides where on one side it features a native American man and on the other side the silhouette of American bison.

3. American Eagles gold coins

The coins were first released by the American mint in 1986. Due to its weight, content and great beauty, it was the first coin to be authorized by the USA congress. It was first deigned by Augustus Saint –Gardens were it formed the first $20 gold piece. It was first minted between 1907 and 1933. The coin caries a full image of the lady liberty who is holding a torch on her right hand. On the left there is an olive branch that the lady holds. In the reverse you will see a male eagle carrying an olive branch.

4. Canadian Maple Leafs

The gold coins has pure .9999 fine gold. The Canadian maple leafs are well known and respected all over the world. This is due to the great standards mandated by the royal Canadian mints. Each maple gold coin features the image of Queen Elizabeth the second. On the reverse you will see the image of Canada’s national symbol. The coin also indicates its purity in both English and French.

5. Canadian Howling Wolfs gold coins

It is among the coins minted in the call of the wild series. The coins was first minted in 2014. It is among the coins produced by the royal Canadian mint, it is exactly one troy ounce. For additional security and protection the coin comes with a plastic assay certificate to help in the authenticity of its value.

6. South African Krugerrands gold coins

This gold coin is made by the government of South Africa and it is valued by the value of its gold. It was the first coin to be made that contains exactly one ounce of gold. The South African government minted the coin as a way of enabling investors invest in gold coins.

What you end to know about gold and gold coins

What is a gold coin?

It is a coin made of gold and other base metals. It has a large percentage of its content as gold. Coins like bracteates and diners were in circulation as currency, but nowadays they are stored as collectibles. The gold coins are produced as bullions hence used as a store of value.

Which is the oldest gold coin in the world?

The oldest gold coin ever made is the Lydian lion. It was made out of gold and silver alloy. King Alyattes minted it in Sardis. Lydia is the present-day Turkey in the Asian continent. It was made between 610-600 BC.

How many grams make a gold coin?

The American gold eagle made in the US Mint has 1-ounce gold. Each ounce is 31.1 grams of pure gold. When other base metals such as copper and silver are added, the standard us mint gold eagle coin weighs 33.9 grams.

What is a bullion coin?

It is a coin struck out of precious metals and used as a store of value. It is not used in day to day commerce purposes. The coins are multiples of fractions from one troy ounce. There are also other bullion coins which are produced in limited kilograms or heavier denominations.

Which are the best gold coins to buy?

It is necessary for you to stick to the North American gold coins. Other coins you can buy include the Canadian maple leaf and the American Eagles. It is necessary for you to stick to the coins because they are the easiest for you to sell if you will like to liquidate. The purity of the gold coins is guaranteed by the US mints.

How was gold discovered in California?

California’s Gold Rush is widely covered in the books of history. It was James W. Marshall who discovered the gold when he was supervising the construction of a saw mill on the banks of Sutter Creek. It was discovered unexpectedly, and many Americans moved to the area in search of the rare commodity.

How many grams are in an ounce of gold?

An ounce of gold consists of 28.35 grams of gold. A troy ounce comprises of 31.1034807 grams. It is a slight difference, but when it comes to the purity of the metal, the grams make a big difference.

Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world?

Over an extended period of time, South Africa has dominated the world as the biggest producer of gold. But, in recent history other countries have increased their gold production. For example, Russia, China, Peru, United States and Australia have large deposits of gold. None of the emerging producers have ever reached the peak production of gold which was achieved by South Africa in 1970s.

What is silver bullion?

It is silver made in the form of coins, bars, rounds, and ingots. The commonly known silver coins include silver eagles, kookaburras, maple leafs and Britannia’s. They are made into different specifications hence you should assess them before you order.