Gainesville Coins Review

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It is very necessary for you to read Gainesville coins review before you make your decision of investing in the company. Some of the experiences that you will incur while making use of the company to invest in gold include a set up fees of $25. The annual admin fee starts from $60 and you will be charged annual storage fees of $100. Gainesville coins prefers several custodians who include entrust, sterling, Goldstar and self-directed gold IRA. The preferred storage is Gainesville storage. In order to invest with the company you will have to make physical application. From Gainesville coins review you will discover that Gainesville coins is listed as genuine dealer of gold coins by the US mint.

Gainesville coins review

Gainesville coins has been in the business of gold coins since 2000. The company has a good reputation in offering a variety of gold and silver coins. At the company you will easily access pre 1933 coins as well as a wide collection of modern coins including silver, gold and platinum. Rare coins that will be sought by collectors are readily available at the company. At the company you will also access services of rolling your traditional IRA or 401k investments into gold backed IRA.

Gainesville coins review based on customers

At Gainesville coins the fees that you will incur will depend on the custodian whom you will choose, this is applicable because the company recommends a total of four custodians for you to choose one. This in some incidences can become expensive for investors because some custodians will tend to charge high costs. It is also a trick to the customers because they may fail to know the best custodian for them to trust with their investments. The company majorly focuses on bullion and gold coins sale, the service of IRA rollover is just an additional service.

Gainesville Coins Review in a summary

If you are trying to figure out the best gold IRA companies in the world, then you are not far from accessing the best company. The company has good reputation in offering quality services. Some of the services offered by Gainesville Coins include wide collection of precious metals, certified coins and bullion bars.

About Gainesville Coins

Since January 2000, the company has been in operation offering quality services. The location of Gainesville Coins is at Lutz, Florida. It deals with services such as:

Physical gold



Palladium coins

Gainesville Coins Reviews, Testimonials and ratings

Better Business Bureau

Accreditation: 11/16/2006

Current Rating: A+

Filed Complaints: 27 within the last 12 months


Yelp reviews

Current Rating: 2.5 stars

No. of Reviews: 9


Gainesville Coins Products and Services

Some of the services offered by the company include the following:

Gold Coins (IRA eligible)

You don’t have to worry if you are looking for a company which can offer you gold IRA services. They have gold coins which can be part of your IRA investment portfolio.

Silver Coins (IRA eligible)

Apart from gold coins, you can decide as well to go for the silver coins. There are several silver coins you can have in your investment portfolio. But, you should ensure the coins are gold IRA eligible.

Precious metal bars

You can access precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Bars. You don’t have to worry the company adheres to all the gold IRA rules in their investment process.

Silver & Gold IRA’s

Even if you are trying to access information about gold IRA investing, you can easily do so after you decide to work with the company.

Gainesville Coins Company Location

17860 N US Highway 41,

Lutz, FL 33549

What you need to check out before you decide to invest with Gainesville Coins

Experience of the professionals

All gold IRA companies have professionals who will guide you when trying to invest in precious metals. Before you decide to hire the company for your gold IRA services, then it is necessary for you to check on the qualification of the experts. The company should have good reputation in offering quality services. You can know whether the company has good reputation after you decide to check on the way the professionals respond to your calls.

How long will it take for you to have precious metals in your account?

For you to be sure you have precious metals in your account, you should consider a company which has good reputation in availing the metals within a short period. There are others which can deliver in less than a week while others will make you wait for long.

Is there any form of compensation?

A company such as Regal Assets will offer you compensation if you wait more than the time they specific to avail gold bars and coins in your gold IRA account. It will be a good idea to consider a company which is serious in offering you the best services.

Buyback program

What is a buyback program? It is a process where you can have the company buying the metals from your gold IRA account so that you can access money within a short period for you to use in your pressing needs. The company should buy the metals at market value. It is essential to check whether the company can buy at market value so that you can avoid cases where you will lose money in the process.

Is the company fully accredited?

For you to avoid the risk of losing your investment, it is necessary to consider a company which has been fully accredited to offer the services. Some of the simple tips you can employ to know whether the company is fully accredited include checking on the government’s website.

Try the official contact numbers of the company

For you to know whether a given company can assure you quality services, you should try their contact numbers. The right gold IRA Company for you to hire should have good reputation in receiving calls in good time so that you can have any problem arising from your gold IRA Company easily solved.