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CMI Gold and silver review, Official website, login page & services

After you decide to carry out CMI Gold and silver review before investing, you will discover that the set up fees is $100. The annual admission fees ranges from $50 to $250. In order to ensure your metals are well stored you will have to pay the commission $90 annually. The company’s preferred custodian is Goldstar trust. Delaware depository is the preferred depository. The minimum purchase amount of precious metals that you will be allowed to make from the company is $5000. The company allows both physical IRA application and digital IRA applications. It is an ICTA member. The company is also listed in the US mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals.

CMI Gold and silver review

CMI Gold and silver has been offering the services of selling precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium since 1973. The company serves both American and international customers. It has A+ ratings on Better Business Bureaus. The company has a great reputation in offering customers great services related to silver and gold IRAs.

Opening CMI Gold and silver IRA account

The process of opening an IRA account at the company is very simple. The company works in collaboration with Goldstar trust company. This means that you will have to download an application form from the website of the company which you will fill necessary information for your gold IRA account to be opened. You can also collect the form from their offices for you to fill. Other forms of investments that you will learn from CMI Gold and silver review include backed silver eagles, American silver eagles, American gold eagles, palladium and platinum. You can also decide to invest in 5 oz. gold and platinum in the company.

CMI Gold and silver review by consumers

CMI Gold and silver offers several investment options which make it seem to be the best company for you to consider. But you should take time and check on the scaled fees, they can end up being too much for you to bear considering there are two companies involved when running your IRA with the help of CMI Gold and Silver.

Management of CMI Gold and silver

The company is led by President Bill Haynes. CMI Gold and silver was started in the early 1970s and the president has been the leader all along. He is a graduate holding bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Colorado. CMI Gold and silver is a family owned gold IRA company. If you trust family lead firms to run your retirement investment, you will find the company very helpful in spearheading your retirement operations. The president runs the company together with his two sons who play a crucial role in the running of the company. Mike Haynes who is one of the sons is listed as the head of sales while Adam Haynes is the manager for marketing and advertising operations.

CMI Gold and Silver Prices & Products

The company sells silver and gold bars. There are also gold coins of different denominations sold at the company. Some of the precious metals, the company sells which are approved to be included in IRA accounts include the following:

  • Gold and Silver Bars
  • American Silver Eagles
  • American Gold Eagles
  • Backdated Silver Eagles
  • Palladium
  • Platinum

Before you buy precious metals for your gold backed IRA account, you should first check the metals. Not all products sold by the company can be included in the IRA account. Always check on the purity standards before you invest in the metals at the company.

The company works with GoldStar Trust Company to facilitate opening and running of gold IRA accounts. If you intend to buy precious metals from the company, then you should be ready to work with GoldStar Trust Company as your custodian of the gold IRA account. There are several fees by GoldStar Trust Company to run your IRA account, some of the fees include the following:

Annual Administrative Fee

The administrative fee at the company is capped at $250. Even if you will invest a lot of funds in your gold IRA account, you will not incur more than the capped amount as administrative fees.

Annual Storage Fee

The storage fee is capped at 1% of the total amount stored. You will receive the billing each year on the month you start storing the precious metals.

Setup Fee

The setup fee is a onetime charge which is capped at $25.

Transaction Fee

You incur $40 for each transaction related to the account.

Live spot prices for precious metals

The company allows customers to access live spot prices of precious metals. It is an initiative which makes it easy for you to know the market price of different precious metals before you proceed to invest. The spot price app by the company is available for both android and iOS so that users of different devices can access the price of precious metals.

CMI Gold & Silver Contact Details

The contact information of the company is as follows:

Physical Address:

3800th Central Ave,

 11th Floor, Phoenix, Arizona, 85012

Phone numbers: 1-800-528-1380

Local Phone number: (602)-234-2300

Official Website:

CMI Gold & Silver’s Website navigation

The official website of the company has great user experience. Some of the navigation which make it easy for users to access the services include pages such as the following:

Gold & Silver IRA

The section provides an overview of precious metals by the company. From the company website, you can access different types of precious metals which you can have in your gold IRA account.


It is a page which provides crucial information about gold investing. You can as well access guidance on how you can own gold and utilize it to stay wealthy. It makes it easy to know the bestselling gold coins among other issues relating to gold.

Silver CMI Gold & Silver investing

The page discusses different aspects of silver investing. You can access information about denominations, benefits of purchasing silver and a guide on how you can have silver in your IRA program.