California Numismatic Investments Review

California Numismatic Investments Review

After reading California numismatic investments review you will discover that the set up fees of an account at the company is $150. Annual admission fees ranges from $75 to $295. The minimum annual storage fees is $225. Their preferred custodian is New Direction IRA. CNT depository, Inc. is California numismatic investments preferred depository. In order to invest in the company you have to make physical application. The company is among the trusted dealers listed in the US mint. After you decide to open an account at the company, you will enjoy a promotion of storing your precious metals for a period of 6 months free of charge.

California numismatic investments review

The headquarters of California numismatic investments is in Inglewood, CA. the company does not offer service of opening IRA accounts, but it recommends customers to open IRA accounts with New Direction after which the company will provide the precious metals that will be stored in the accounts. The company is also flexible in arranging for storage where it can arrange for other storage in case the customers prefer other companies.

California numismatic investments review by customers

Customers who have ever made use of the company in their investments agree of great satisfactions. It was accredited by BBB in the year 1981. Since its establishment there are no major complaints.

California numismatic investments specialization in gold coins

The company buys and sells coins. To ensure that it is dealing with valuable coins, it offers valuation services to its customers. The company takes an initiative to evaluate the coins before allowing its buyers to sell or buy because coins have a greater risk as compared to gold bullion. The company does not allow set up of IRA accounts online, this seems slow hence many customers who are in a hurry put off. Because the company does not store the precious metals, it makes potential customers incur more costs when opening IRA accounts.

California Numismatic Investments Overview

The company is also known as Since 1982 the company has been selling precious metals such as platinum, silver, gold, rhodium and palladium. You can access both precious metals bars and coins from the enterprise. California Numismatic Investments Inc. is among the best companies which you can work with if you like to enjoy quality services. Most people in Redondo Beach CA are aware of the company due to its services in the region. The current headquarters of California Numismatic Investments is Inglewood CA. They relocated to their new location in 1986.

California Numismatic Investments Management

Richard Schwary and Ken Edwards are the owners of the company. They have extensive knowledge in the precious metals industry. The state of California refers to Richard Schwary as a witness of precious metals investment due to his vast experience in the gold and silver investments.

California Numismatic Investments ( Ratings and Complaints

BBB Rating: A+

BBB Complaints: 1 complaint in the last three years

RipOff Report: Not Listed

BCA Rating: AAA

BCA Complaints: 0 complaints in the last four years

CitySearch: (5.0 / 5) based on two reviews

Google+: (3.8 / 5) based on 29 reviews

SiteJabber: Not Listed

Trustlink: (3.0 / 5) based on 6 reviews

Yellow Pages: Not Rated

TrustPilot: N/A

Yelp: (4 / 5) based on 35 reviews

Facebook:  (5.0 / 5) based on 1 reviews

California Numismatic Investments Contact Details

Physical Address: 525 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA

Phone no: (800) 225-7531

Local Phone no: (310) 674-3330

Fax: (310) 330-3766

Official Website:

California Numismatic Investments Products and Services

The company offers a wide list of services. The following are some of the services provided by the firm:

Rare Gold Coins

Not all gold coins are eligible for IRAs, if you are buying a gold coin for you to keep like the case of collectors, you can access different types of coins from the company. Some dealers can exploit you, but California Numismatic Investments have the proper reputation in offering genuine rare gold coins for you to keep in your portfolio.

 IRA eligible Gold Coins

There are some coins which can be kept in your gold IRA storage. The Department of IRAs has clear guidelines on the type of metals you can have in the retirement accounts. You can quickly know whether you are about to buy the best coins after you inform the sellers about your intention of buying the gold coins.

Rare Silver Coins

Rare Silver Coins act like rare gold coins. If you like to have rare silver coins for you to store as collectibles, you can access different types of silver coins which were made at different periods of history for you to store in your safe. Think of any rare coin, you can contact the professionals, and they will deliver for you the right coins which you deserve in your collectibles.

IRA eligible Silver Coins

You can include Gold coins in your Gold IRA accounts, you can specify during your purchase and the attendants at California Numismatic Investments will deliver the right coins for you to keep on your investment.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium Bars

If you are looking for good precious metals bars, you can access plenty of them at the company. They have an extensive collection of gold bars and silver for you to choose. Their selection of precious metals bars is very broad; it is upon you to choose the best which will meet your specific needs.

Silver & Gold IRA’s services

Gold IRA services are also available at California Numismatic Investments. Several people have opened accounts in the company, and they have good reviews to share.

Benefits of opening a gold IRA account at California Numismatic Investments

Fair price of precious metals

The company boasts on offering fair prices for their metals. If you like to enjoy quality services, then you need to check on price as well. They have good reviews from third party California Numismatic Investments review due to the fair pricing policy.

Hassle free transaction

The buying process from the company is straight forward. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy hassle free transaction, then you need to check on the enterprise.

Educational website

The website has a lot of sections which educates customers so that they can make the best decision.