Broad Financial Review

Broad financial review reveals that the transfer process of IRA accounts to Broad financial takes up to 28 business days. IRA rollover process will also take up to 28 business days in the company. As an investor you will have to incur a setup fee of $1400. The annual storage fee is $115. The company majorly specializes in offering IRA custodian services. Broad financial preferred depository is Delaware depositary. The minimum amount of precious metals that you will be allowed to purchase is $10000. In case you will like to enjoy digital application process, then Broad financial is not the right company for you. It only allows physical application processes.

Broad Financial Overview

Broad Financial was started in 2004. It was first operated as a private as a real estate firm. Some of the areas where the company first worked include housing development in retail, residential and industrial sector. It majorly operated in the East Coast region. In 2009, Broad Financial shifted focus to offering self-directed IRA services and precious metals due to economic turmoil in the period.

My Broad financial review

The company started in the year 2004 as a private investment firm that was dealing with real estate. Due to the real estate crash in 2008, due to the inflation in the US economy, the company decided to transition into gold lira investment in 2009. Due to the challenges that was faced the company decided to start an IRA platform known as ultimate self-directed platform. In the platform customers are allowed to invest in different assets such as precious metals, random assets and real estate properties. Though the solo 401k platform offered by Broad financial promises a lot of benefits, there are many flaws associated with it.

Broad financial review by customers

From the rip off report there is a total of 6 detailed complains that customers have laid against the firm. In the BBB you will also find about 2 complaints that resolve around the advertisement issues of the company. There are also complaints reported about the billing and collection issues. In order to know more about the complaints and how they were solved, you should visit the consumer review sites. The company started its operation recently when comparing it to other firms, hence there is doubt in many customers about the level of experience of the company.

Broad Financial official address

Broad Financial

21 Robert Pitt Dr. Suite 202 Monsey, NY 10952 Monsey, New York United States of America    

Official website Web:

Broad Financial Reviews, Testimonials, and Ratings

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Accreditation was done on 10/5/2011

2 filed complaints within the last 12 months

Profile: BBB profile

Google+ Business Rating: 4.6 out of 12 reviews

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Broad Financial Products and Services

Broad Financial since its start back in 2004 has been offering financial services. They changed to offering self-directed IRA and 401ks since 2009. The company makes it easy for investors to diversify their investment portfolios.

List of services offered by Broad Financial

  1. Solo 401k
  2. Self-directed IRA’s
  • Silver & Gold IRA’s
  1. SEP IRA

Broad Financial IRA fees structure

Initial Setup fees is $1400

Annual storage is $115

The minimum purchase amounts allowed $10,000

There preferred depository is Delaware depository

The self-directed IRA fees at Broad Financial are based on the amount of transaction. The setup fees vary from on account to the other based on the operations carried out by the account holder in a given period.

Benefits of investing with Broad Financial

Comprehensive Services

The company has knowledgeable professionals who handle different transactions. Customers who will like to open a self-directed IRA account will require LLC. The company helps the clients to manage the complicated process.

Valuable Assistance

The company has a well-established connection with custodians who make it easy to set up self-directed IRA accounts. It offers clear instructions on how to integrate checking account with IRA. Broad Financial is willing to work directly with banks on behalf of investors.

Checkbook Control Model Fees

The models allow investors to control their transactions. It offers investors more control over their investment actions. The fees for set up of the model and sales are all fixed hence saving you money. The checkbook control offers investors the great freedom they need to manage their operations. You will not have to worry of unexpected transactions popping up your check book with the model.

Wide range of diversification

You can invest in personal loans, tax liens, forecloses or real estate field. It is a company which allows investors to enjoy a broad range of investment. You can invest in real estate and put some of your funds in gold IRA as a way of diversifying your investment portfolio.

Easy to rollover funds

It does not matter where you will like to rollover funds from; you can easily rollover from 401K, SEP IRA, 403b or even Roth IRA and the rollover will be done with ease.

Cons of investing with Broad Financial

Online Investment Limits

If you prefer to invest online, then you will be limited to only $5,000. It is a drawback to those who will like to run their investment online without any worry of having to travel long distances. You have to reach the company by phone or email before you can be allowed to make larger investments. Given modern online insecurity related to stolen emails, many customers are reluctant to make calls or emails to direct their transactions.

Small Inventory of Broad Financial services

The company does not offer bullion investment. This is a major drawback if you will like to buy gold bullion bars for you to diversify your investment portfolio. The range of gold coins offered is very limited. There are several numismatic which can’t meet the set IRS. If you are a gold IRA account holder, you should always make your purchase carefully to avoid cases where you will be subject to IRAs compliant issues.

Price Changes

The price changes in real-time market values. You can buy a lot of precious metals, and you end up with more value in your gold IRA account. You may even have less considering the transaction takes a lot of time before it can be finalized, the value of the gold coins and bars you will access may not be the one you intend to buy.