Blanchard Gold company Review

Blanchard review

Blanchard review offers necessary information about the company. For instance, you will wait for 21 business days for you to accomplish IRA transfer. For the case of 401k rollover, you will have to wait for 24 days before your transaction is complete. The set up fees is only $25. Annual admission fees ranges from $60 to $250. For the annul storage fee you will have to pay $100. Blanchard makes use of Goldstar trust as its gold custodian. The preferred depository is HSVC Bank in NYC. The minimum purchase amount that the company offers is $10000. Blanchard is listed in the list if US mint of recommended gold dealers and it only accepts a physical IRA application in case you will like to open an account with them.

Blanchard review

The company was started by James Blanchard over 30 years ago. It operates from New Orleans, Florida where it has allowed many investors to invest in precious metals. The year of establishment of the company was 1975. The company prides itself in offering custom services. Each potential investor is attended to by a consultant from the company who informs him of all that he requires to invest in gold before opening an account with the company. The We Buy program offered by the company allows investors to buy and sell almost any type of precious metals that they may have.

Blanchard review by customers

Customers are highly satisfied by the company. There are programs put in place to help customers grow their investment bases such as Precious Metals Accumulation Program, Rare Coin Regrade Program, and Rare Coin Auction Program. All these are services that are offered exclusively by the company which make many customers prefer it. In order to access enough information that will lead you to deciding on the best company, you should take your time and visit the company by person.

Blanchard Gold Company Review

Blanchard is a precious metals company which has been in operation for over 40 years serving Americans in retirement savings. If you like to invest in precious metals, you are assured great deals after you decide to work with the company. There are different factors you should check out before you decide to invest in Blanchard Gold Company. The review is aimed at explaining various factors you should check out before you invest in Gold IRA with the help of the company:

Blanchard Gold Reviews, Rating, and Testimonials

Better Business Bureau Current Rating: A+

Blanchard was accredited on 9/13/1982

Filed Complaints: 8 within the last two years

Better Business Bureau Profile:

BCA Complaints: 0 complaints over three years

Ripoff Report: 2 complaints filed in 4 years

BBB Complaints: 1 closed over three years

Complaint Board: N/A

Yelp: N/

Trustlink:  (1 / 5) based on one review

Yellow Pages: N/A

Google+: N/A

CitySearch: N/A

Business Consumer Alliance Rating of BBB out of 11 customers


Blanchard Products & Services

The company offers a broad range of products. Some of the products provided by the firm include the following:

Gold Coins

You can access gold coins eligible for your gold IRA accounts well as rare coins. If you are trying to open a retirement savings account, then you better go for gold coins which are eligible. You can ask the experts at the company, and they will inform you whether the coins which you are but to include in your portfolio are IRA eligible.

Silver Coins

There are some silver coins which you can have in your gold IRA account. You can opt for such coins if you like to diversify your portfolio. There are two types of silver coins which you can purchase from Blanchard Gold Company; they include gold IRA eligible coins as well as rare silver coins.

Gold, Silver Bars

The precious metals are applied in different fields. You can have them in military aircraft, electronics among other areas. The company has good reputation in offering quality gold and silver bars for various applications. The bars are sold at fair rates; you can check on the market price of precious metals before you compare with those available at the company so that you can make an informed decision.

Silver & Gold IRA’s

It is necessary to open gold or silver IRA account; the company makes it possible for you to open a gold IRA account.  The process of opening a gold IRA account at the company is very easy; you just follow simple steps, and you will set up an account within minutes.

Blanchard Company Location

909 Poydras Street Suite 1900

New Orleans, LA 70112

Trust Factors to consider before investing in Blanchard Gold

U.S. Mint Listed Dealer

The company is a U.S listed mint dealer. It is always necessary for you to check out where the company gets its precious metals. All precious metals from U.S mint are genuine precious metals you can have in your investment portfolio for you to always enjoy peace of mind in your investment process. It is an ICTA Member which even makes them trusted gold IRA and gold dealers.

Quick Facts you need to know about Blanchard Gold Company

Founded in 1975

Since the start of the operation, Blanchard Gold Company has been serving customers across America and beyond diligently.

450,000 customers to date

The customer base is very broad. With more than 450,000 customers, the company has the good reputation of offering quality services. Blanchard made more than $1 billion of sales in the last three years.

Wide selection of U.S coins

The company has handled more than half of the precious metals coins published in the United States. With more than 85 employees in their downtown New Orleans offices and across the United States, it assures customers excellent services.

Blanchard Gold Company offices

The company has offices in downtown New Orleans as well as Dallas. You can check in and get assistance if you have a pressing issue concerning your gold IRA or precious metals services.

Blanchard gold company Leadership Team

The company has highly qualified and dedicated team of financial experts who are eager to help you in handling your investment.

Donald W. Doyle, Jr. -Chairman of the Board

David Beahm- Chief Executive Officer

Michael E. McGoey- President and Chief Operating Officer

Debbie Cash- Chief Financial Officer

L. Craig Baudot- Executive Vice President of Sales