The Best Gold IRA Custodian

The Best Gold IRA Custodian

You should choose the best gold IRA custodian who will be taking care of your precious metals after you decide to invest in gold. The best gold IRA custodian is very necessary because the law requires anybody who will like to invest in gold IRA to have a custodian who will take care of the precious metals. Usually a custodian is a company that has safes where the precious metals are stored in. You can decide to invest in gold today, but you will be able to get the funds from your gold IRA after you have reached the age of 59.5 years. This means that in case you are in mid-thirties, you will have your gold stored for approximately 30 years. This is a long period of time hence you should look for a competent custodian who will be able to store the precious metals well.

Tips for you to select the best gold IRA custodian


One of the best tactics that you can use for you to land on the best company that will act as your gold IRA custodian is taking into consideration the experience of the company. You will be assured of the best company after you take into consideration the period of time in which the company has been in operation. A company that has been serving people for many years and in the period in which it has been in operation there are no major complaints which have not been solved.

2. Reputation

Of course you are not the first person to try the company in your investments. There are other people who have ever been served before you. If possible you should meet those people and ask them about their experience with the company. In case the people portray the good reputation of the company, then you should consider making use of such a custodian to invest your lifetime savings. You will also access a lot of information about the reputation of the best gold IRA custodian from Better Business Bureau.

3. Gold IRA Products

The best gold IRA custodian should allow you have a wide range of products in your investment portfolio. This is necessary because it can reach a time when you will like to have gold coins, gold bars and other types of precious metals in your self-directed individual retirement account, in case a given custodian has limited choices of metals it will be very hard for you to diversify.

4. Fees charged by the best gold IRA custodian

The fees that you will be charged by the custodian in taking care of your precious metals will tend to vary a lot. For you to avoid cases of exploitation you should try to compare the fees before you decide on one. While taking into consideration the fees that you will be required to pay you should consider the starting fee as well as the fees of running the account over the long period of time.

5. Service offered by the best gold IRA custodian

The best gold IRA custodian should educate you on the importance of investing in gold IRA as well as the best options that you should take. The custodian should also be open in most of the time for you to call and inquire about your process of trying to set up the account. In case the custodian has several methods of reaching him such as email address, active telephone number, online chat and other methods through which you can reach him in case one channel fails, then that should be a custodian for you to choose.

6. Policies and fees of the custodian

Each Gold IRA custodian has his policies and fees structure. You should check out the fees structure the Gold IRA Company before you invest. A company which offers flat fees structure is among the best for you to consider if you will like to be assured of great savings. There are also other hidden costs which may apply, read the policies fully. If possible invite a financial advisor to help you make the decision if you are about to make huge a Gold IRA rollover.

7. Flexibility & History

How many years has the company been in operation? A company which has been in operation for an extended period of time will be in a better position of offering you the best services. You should as well check on the gold IRA company complaints so that you will know how often customers complain. You will risk if you will invest in a company with a lot of customer complaints.

8. Customer Service

Any problem you will face while investing in gold IRA, the custodian should be ready to help you. Try his contact numbers and know the period he will take to respond to your call. An urgent response is necessary for you to have peace of mind throughout your investment period.

9. Storage Safety

The physical metals will be stored in a physical location. The company should employ the highest level of safety standards for your investment to be always safe. You can carry out background checks and know the depositories whether they are safe or not.

10. Buyback Program

The truth is that, after storing your value in physical gold, it will reach a time when you will have to liquidate and buy other necessities in life. The best gold IRA company for you to trust should have a buyback program where you can always fill a form, and they convert your physical gold into the current value for you to access money.

11. Pushy Salesmen

The gold IRA investment is a long term investment. The gold IRA custodian should always offer you freedom to think critically and make your personal decision. Avoid salespeople who will push you to make a decision. Some of the questions you should ask the custodian before you make your final decision include the following:

Are all your physical metals approved for IRA?

How long will your buyback program take?

What are the setup fees for the gold IRA account?

What other investment options do you offer apart from gold IRA services?

Do you provide financial advice to all your precious physical metal investors?

What makes you among the best gold investment companies?

How long does it take to have gold IRA rollover?

Are you approved gold silver IRA rollover custodian? You can check here a list of our top gold IRA custodians/companies

12. How gold IRA plans work

The plans work by storing your physical metal in a secure location. From history, precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium keep on rising in value as opposed to paper currency. After storing your metals for a given period, you can withdraw them and sale in the market value. You always make a profit due to the appreciation in value of the physical metal or the depreciation paper currency.

13. How does gold and silver IRA work?

Gold and silver IRA works similar to gold IRA. But, in the case of gold and silver IRA, you store silver and gold in different proportions in your investment account. It is a retirement investment plan hence you will be allowed to withdraw the funds after 59.5 years. If you withdraw early, you will still make profits, but you will have to pay tax and other penalties.