Amerigold review

Amerigold Review

Before you decide to invest in Amerigold you should take time and read Amerigold review. The company specialises in offering gold IRA services to its customers. In the company you can decide to invest in gold bars or coins. This can be achieved through opening a gold backed IRA account in the company. The company has a set up fee starting from $125 depending on the type of an account and annual administration fee charged on each gold IRA account holder starting from $85.The minimum purchase amount of precious metals that one can access from the company is $2000. Amerigold operates from Denver Colorado where it has been in business since 1988.

Amerigold review

Allows investment in gold, platinum and silver

As an investor you will be allowed to invest in gold silver or platinum. The company allows investments in the precious coins but you can also access bars of the precious metals which you can have in your gold IRA account. The company apart from acting as a gold IRA custodian, it also buys gold from the public directly.

How easy it is to set up an account at Amerigold

It is very easy for you to set up an account at Amerigold. The company has a website that is very elaborate. The website also has a lot of information which you will find very helpful in choosing a certain account that you will benefit a lot from. Remember different people will tend to have different financial abilities, hence the company will allow you decide on the best account. In order to choose the best account which will lead you to enjoying more growth of your investments, you should read Amerigold review and know exactly which account is the best for your given size of investments. You are also free to compare Amerigold with other companies for you to know whether you are at the right destination or not.

Amerigold Overview

It is necessary for you to assess different aspects of Amerigold so that you can make the right decision. The precious metals dealer offers a broad range of products. Some of the products you can access at the company include

Bullion bars


Numismatics products

It is a well-established company in Denver Colorado which has been in operation since 1998. Apart from offering quality precious metals, the company also assists clients to choose the best gold IRA custodians if they will like to open up gold IRA accounts for their self-directed IRAs. Experts at the company have enough experience to help you make the right decision in your investment process.

Who owns Amerigold

The founder of Amerigold is Greg McCoach. He is the president and founder of the company who oversees different aspects of running Amerigold. Greg has been in the field of precious metals investment for more than 20 years. He was among top precious metal investors who predicted that gold prices would hit above $1,000 per ounce after the crisis of American economy in 2008. He admits having founded the company basing on the contrarian investing principals which he learned from J. Paul Getty’s autobiography. The autobiography was promoting precious metals with most investors were not willing to venture into them.

Amerigold review

BBB Rating: A+

Amerigold BBB Complaints: 0 allegations in the last 4 years

BCA Rating: Not available

BCA Complaints: Not available

CitySearch: Not Rated

Google+: Not yet Rated

RipOff Report: Not yet Listed

SiteJabber: Not yet Rated

Trustlink: Not yet Listed

Yellow Pages: Not yet Rated

Yelp: Not Listed

Although Amerigold has been in business for close to 20 years, they have limited online presence. You can find a positive review on BBB profile, but most of the third-party websites are few. The company does not have a lot of complaints from the third party sites where they had been listed. The lack of complaint makes them appear in the top 100 list of gold IRA companies.

Amerigold Prices and Products

The company has among the best prices in the gold IRA field. You can access different types of precious metals at competitive prices. For you to choose the best gold IRA Company, it is always necessary for you to compare different companies available so that you can decide on one which will assure you great value for your money.

Amerigold Contact Details

Address: 19627 E Fair Dr, Centennial, CO 80016-3864

Toll-Free Phone number: 1-800-574-0047

Local Phone number: (720) 870-8021

Fax: 720-870-8022

Official Website:

Pages from the official website of Amerigold

Precious Metals IRA

The page has useful information which guides you on how to open and move precious metals to recommend IRA custodians of the company. They explain everything in details so that even if you are new to the gold IRA investing, you can quickly move your precious metals to the enterprise. They recommend the best custodians so that you can always achieve peace of mind after you move the precious metals in your gold IRA investing.

Product Catalog

The product catalog displays a broad range of precious metals offered by Amerigold. Some of the precious metals you can access at the company include silver, gold, palladium and platinum. The product is available in different sizes; it is upon you to browse their catalogs so that you can decide on the best.

Amerigold about Us page

The section offers brief bio of the company. You can get to learn about the founder Greg McCoach. The company has a well-organized website where you can get to know different services and products which they offer.

Advice to our readers

If you like to invest in gold IRA, then you should choose the best company. Among the factors you should take into consideration include the charges of running your gold IRA account. You can visit different businesses or read online reviews so that you decide on the best who will assure you quality services.

Avoid pushy sales people

Gold IRA investment is a long term venture. It is always necessary for you to take enough time and make the best decision rather than rushing to make a decision which can later expose you to inconveniences. You can give the company a call from where you will get to know the quality of services which they offer.