Gold IRA company

4 Of the Best Self-Directed Gold IRA Custodians Available

1) Regal Assets as one of the best self-directed gold IRA custodian

From the better business bureau you will find Regal Assets rated A+ as the best self-directed gold IRA custodian, this is really impressive. From the consumer alliance you will find the company rated AAA, it has a 5 star rating as the best gold IRA custodian. This is from trust link where it has been rated with more than 233 customers. The in Forbes magazine has also rated the company in top 20 best financial company in the United States. The company has also featured in Smart money and other publications as the best company. Other companies in the field charge fees starting from $225 per year, which can increase with the value of your precious metals stored, the company charges a flat rate of $ 150 irrespective of the amount of precious metals that you may have stored with them.

Quick Delivery of Precious Metals by Regal Assets

They can also allow an investor to open an account and start storing precious metals within 24 hours unlike other self-directed gold IRA companies where you will have to wait for about 7 days for an IRA account to be set up. When transferring funds, regal assets can allow a transfer of funds within 48 hours, this is unlike other companies which will take up to 90 days for funds to be transferred. At regal assets you can also access the precious metals in your hands within 7 days, this is the fastest shipping in the industry so far. In case of any misfortune and they fail to deliver the metals within 7 days after you have deposited funds in your account, they will compensate you with a free one ounce silver American Eagle. This shows that they really care in serving you to your satisfaction.

2) Lear Capital as a self-directed gold IRA custodian

From Lear capital companies website you will access a wide range of products that the company offers. The company offers a platform on their website where different visitors can interact and learn a lot about investing in gold. From trust link the company is ranted 4 stars out of 5. In Better business bureau the company is also rated highly. In Business consumer alliance the company is rated AAA .From the company you will also access some bonuses on certain IRA accounts. These factors make it appear among the best gold IRA custodians.

3) Merit Gold appears among the best self-directed gold IRA custodian

The company has more than 30 years of operation in precious metals investing. It has great customer service representatives as well as a wide range of products that a client can choose from. Merit Gold has a good reputation in working closely with customers to ensure they purchase the precious metals at the fairest prices ever. From their official website you will also access a lot of useful information which will lead you to making the best decisions on which is the best metals for you to have in your investment portfolio. From trust link the company has 5 out of 5 ratings.

4) Lexi Capital among the best self-directed gold IRA custodian

The company has a large selection of precious metals that an investor can easily invest in. Its website has a lot of information about self-directed gold IRA investing, you will also find great level of professionalism in its customer service attendants. Lexi Capital company allows a minimum transaction of $1500, this can put off some customers. From better business bureau the company has A – rating. In case you purchase gold coins from the company you will be assured of 6 month return guarantee. Always carry out enough research on the companies before you invest. Check on tips and gold IRA Company reviews.

What Criteria Should You Use to Single out the Best Gold Ira Company?

  1. Time taken for precious metals to be delivered to your account

Different companies will take different duration before they can deliver the precious metals into your account. There are different metals which you can have in your gold backed IRA account. You can have silver, palladium; gold among other IRA accepted metals. If you will like to convert some of your investments into precious metals, then go for a company which will offer you specific time frame when it can deliver the metals. A company such as Regal Assets will offer you a specific time frame when they will deliver. If they will fail, thy will even compensate you in some form.

  1. Fees of running the account

You will have to pay some form of fees. In order to avoid cases where you will lose a lot of your investment to the company in form of fees, always carry out your own research so that you will know the amount of fees you will have to pay to the company.

  1. Insurance cover

Your physical metals will be stored in the safety of custodians. In order to remain with peace of mind, always check to know whether your precious metals have been insured. This is essential because with an insurance cover, you will easily have your physical metals replaced if by any means they will be stolen or something happens to the storage facility.

  1. Minimum amount you will be required to invest

Different companies will have minimum amounts you will be required to invest. You should always carry out your own research so that you will know the right company which will suit your specific needs. There are others which will require you to invest from a certain minimum set limit while others will accept any amount. There are others which will offer you some benefits if you will invest more. You should check on such factors so that you will decide on the best.

  1. Professional finance advisors

When making your retirement decision, you should always be careful. Anyway, you are investing a lot of money which you have saved over many years. Avoid rush and contact different service providers. Prepare necessary questions which you will ask them so that you will know whether they will offer you the right answers. You should avoid professionals who will try their level best to convince you into buying certain products without even allowing you time to think critically.

  1. Check on past customer reviews

A gold IRA company which has good reviews in offering quality services should be your choice. You can easily tell whether you are about to make the right decision after you visit reviews websites from where you can get to know what other people are saying. The ratings which other customers will offer on the official websites of the company also matters. If you will like to be assured of great services; then go for a company which has been ranked highly.